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Greenhouse Window Treatments

Mar 25 2011

Greenhouses are fantastic. The plants they nurture provide life, oxygen and bright floral arrangements for those who have them. They also allow in a lot of light and sun, which is a welcome relief for many during the winter months. However, without the proper window treatments, any warm air gained can be lost plus more during the night as the heat seeps out of the windows. This is especially true for single paned windows. Windows don’t filter UV light or protect against glare, but window treatments do exactly that.

Installing the best window treatments for your needs and then knowing how to use them to increase energy efficiency can save you a lot of money in the long run. During the winter, window treatments should be shut at night to keep cold air out, but when the sun is shining, open them up. Your plants will thank you and so will your heating bill. In the summer it’s just the opposite. Keeping them lowered during the hottest hours of the day can keep plants from burning and wilting as well as helping keep the house cooler. When night naturally cools off the outdoors, open the window treatments and let the fresh, cool air in.

If you have a greenhouse, summer isn’t too far away, so now’s a great time for purchasing greenhouse window treatments.

Window treatments for Greenhouses:

•    EnergyTrack 3/8â? Translucent Double Cell Shades. There are the most energy efficient shades on the market today. They offer up to five times the insulation of a regular single paned glass window and are sealed along the window down both sides as well as along the top.
•    SlumberShade3/8” Blackout Double Cell Shades. These shades were chosen by the National Sleep Foundation as their official window shades because they promote great sleeping conditions by blocking light and sound. Their black-out layer mimics night and helps offer a good night’s sleep and keeps cold air out in the winter and protects against the heat in the summer.
•    Plantation Shutters. As long as your windows are flat, these are a perfect option for incorporating the natural theme throughout your greenhouse. They are made from composite and vinyl, but look just like wood. It’s easy to adjust the amount of light that enters a home through these. Some companies offer shutters made in the USA.

The best bet is to buy custom made window treatments. These are crafted for your individual window needs. With one-size fits all, you can end up with a lot of excess blind that looks sloppy. Because greenhouse windows are generally oversize windows, they need an exact fitting blind. Don’t worry these aren’t hard to find. Also be sure to measure window properly to ensure the best fit. If you aren’t sure how to do it, call the company you are working with and ask. Properly fitting window treatments provide insulation, and relief from summer’s heat.

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