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Window Treatments - Shutters, Shades, Blinds, Drapery Hardware

Dec 14 2009

When it comes to window treatments, you have many options at Blinds Chalet...

Types of Window Treatments
  • Shutters
    • The composite shutters in our inventory are made in the U.S. from 100% American hardwood and durable thermal polymers so they are made to last. Our shutters to retain their shape, color and resist chipping. Designed with a patented spring-loaded panel design and a classic tilt bar with "no mouse holes", this design allows each louver to close tighter and minimize any light gaps for added light control and privacy.
  • Shades
    • Window Shades usually refer to a softer fabric type shade. Available in honeycomb, sheers and even bamboo or woven grasses, horizontal window shades will soften up any window.

  • Blinds
    • If you want to control privacy, window blinds are a great way to do that as well as control light and view with one blind. Window blinds are usually 2 inch or 1 inch slated levelor type blind. Blinds can be faux wood blinds ("fake" wood blinds), real wood blinds and aluminum blinds with levelor type slats. With the versatility to tilt the slats open or pull the horizontal window blind all the way up, window blinds are a very popular choice.
  • Drapery Hardware
    • Our Drapery Hardware is made from natural products such as recycled metal, ceramics, and glass. Packaging is also made from cardboard and papers rather than plastics. Custom draperies add color and style to any home decor as we as adding insulation and enery savings. Browse our selection of fabric colors and styles as well as our selection of drapery hardware, curtain rods, finials and more.
At Blind Chalet, you can find a wide range of window treatments and get customer support for any questions you might have.
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