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Important Window Blinds Recall

Dec 4 2009

In October 2009 one of the largest window blind recalls was made. Blind's Chalet and other large window blinds companies in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission made the announcement. It was one of the blind industries' largest recalls to date.

Months have passed since the recall but questions still linger. In an effort to provide the most up-to-date information possible, we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

Which companies are the targets of the recall?
The largest companies include:
  • Target

  • Pottery Barn Kids

  • IKEA

There are also tons of smaller companies that sold nearly 5.5 million blinds that are part of the recall.

Why were the blinds recalled?
The blinds have been associated with the accidental death of three children. Seven children have been reported as near deaths.

I bought blinds from Blinds Chalet, are they effected?
While Blinds Chalet and other large companies are spreading the word, Blinds Chalet has no blinds affected by the recall. They only wish to spread the word to help protect the children.

Many companies along with Blind Chalet only wish to promote cord safety awareness.

What can I do if my blinds are affected?
If your blinds are affected by the recall, you can return them to the store or check the information below for whom to contact.
  • Pottery Barn Kids - Call 1-800-492-1949 to receive a voucher for the purchase price of recalled window blinds.

  • In Florida - Call 800-423-8653 for more info and a free retrofit kit.

  • Lewis Hyman - Call for a free repair kit at 877-354-5457.

  • IKEA - Return to store

  • Target - Call 1-800-583-9845 for a free repair kit.

As a courtesy, Blinds Chalet provides a guide to child proof your window blinds.
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