best shades for your window: why designers choose bamboo shades

Best Shades for Your Window: Why Designers Choose Bamboo Window Shades

When it’s time to buy window treatments, it’s not only hard to identify the best shades for your window. It can also be difficult to know where to start. Do you go with the cheapest option? Do you go with the most expensive option? Do you match the wall? Or do you match the trim? Or is it not supposed to match at all? What features should you look for in a window shade? How do you know what will look great in your home? There’s no universal right answer, but we do see a lot of the interior designers we work with leaning heavily on the bamboo window shade. But why do designers choose bamboo window shades so often?

* Featured image details: Bali Natural Woven Shades in Cabo Honeynut // Design and Photo Credit: @nestofpetals, Rosana Milam.

Natural Woven Shades Add Texture, An Essential Design Element:

“Bamboo shades have the classic coastal style that fits perfectly with beach house decor, and adds so much texture to a room.” –Kim, @shiplapandshells

If you’ve never considered the need to add texture to a room or you have no idea what that means, you’re going to love hearing more. Texture is actually an essential element in any room; it’s what makes a room feel welcoming, cozy, and finished. In addition to giving us something to look at, they remind us of nature and that’s soothing at a very basic level. You can add texture in many ways: plants, baskets, natural wood grains, pillows or tapestries, rugs, certain furniture, books, architectural pieces…or natural woven shades like bamboo window shades.

Designers Depend on Natural Woven Shades to Add Warmth to the Room:

designers love woven shades

Design and photo credit: @homemaker_mama // Get the look with Kukui Soft Jute Woven Wood Shades in Finesse

“When designing a space, I love [using] bamboo shades for window coverings. They add a nice warmth and texture to the space and have a clean look, too.” – Lexi Westergard of Lexi Westergard Design

In addition to texture, natural woven shades automatically bring warmth to a room. It’s an easy way to bring the outside in without actually bringing live plants inside (we adore live plants inside, but sometimes it’s not feasible or there’s a black thumb involved). The need to bring warmth into a room or a home is even more important during the colder months of the year when making our homes warm and inviting is suddenly even more challenging. There’s nothing more lovely than a warm, cozy living room or bedroom (and we’re not talking about turning the heater on and buying more warm air to fill the space).

Bamboo Shades are One of the Most Versatile Window Treatments on the Market:

“I have used them in all different styles of homes and find them to be pretty universal.” – Lexi Westergard of Lexi Westergard Design

Room decor is almost never static, which many customers mention when they’re asking the Design Consultants to help them find a window treatment that will go with a variety of different decor styles. They don’t want to limit their future decorating options by purchasing blind or shade that doesn’t “go” with the next style they’re drawn to for their space. With natural woven shades, this isn’t a problem. The natural woven shade is essentially one of the most versatile options you can install in your home or office if you’re expecting that the space’s “look” or decor may change in the near future or even on a regular basis.

Light Control Options to Keep the Space Light and Bright:

“I also love how they look when they are open and the amount of sunlight they bring to any room.” – Lexi Westergard of Lexi Westergard Design

Many are afraid that by choosing natural woven shades, they are losing their opportunity to control the light they let into their home. However, we feel natural woven shades are a fantastic option. It’s easy to get the exact amount of light control you want for your space with bamboo window shades. Are they the best shades for your window? Quite possibly – especially if you discuss your light control needs with a Design Consultant and have them help you identify the exact liner that will get you what you’re imagining. With the right liner on your custom-made bamboo shade, you can control the amount of light you let into your room without blocking it out completely, or you can block it out completely by asking about blackout options. It’s all up to you.

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