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top 5 kitchen window treatments

Kitchen Window Treatments Combining Function & Style

Maybe you just spent the last several months renovating your kitchen. Maybe you just built your dream home (including your dream kitchen). Maybe you just purchased your 1st home and love the look of your almost vintage kitchen. Regardless of what stage of life you’re at or what style of kitchen you have or whether or not you feel this is the end all be all of kitchens in your lifetime…you need to find the right window treatments for your kitchen windows. If you’re like a lot of others out there, you aren’t sure where to start. All you know is you want them to do their job, but look great. So, where do you find the perfect combination of function and style for your kitchen’s window treatments? Start by considering some of the top trending kitchen window treatments. read more...

common window problems like gigantic windows have easy solutions

Common Window Problems with Easy Solutions: Gigantic Windows

When customers consider window treatments for the windows in their home or office, there are certain questions that come up on a regular basis. If you’ve been shopping for blinds or shades, you’ve probably had a lot of the same questions. Today we’ll feature one of many common window problems that has an easy solution: gigantic windows. read more...

considering blinds and shades bamboo woven shades

Considering Shades and Blinds “in Real Life” with Customer Features

We love seeing customers enjoying their blinds and shades “in real life.” But it isn’t just a feel good moment for us. Considering various blinds and shades in the homes of other customers can be extremely helpful when new customers are trying to make all those big decisions: which blinds or shades to purchase, whether to install an inside mount or outside mount, what color to choose, which features to add, etc. So, if you’re undecided about any of the above, consider the #irl examples below. Maybe it will help you along the path to the “perfect” window treatment for your home or office. read more...