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Choosing the Right Window Treatment for Your Space

In our last design tip, we talked about the difference between the most popular window shades in 2020: cellular shades, roman shades, bamboo shades, and roller shades. When choosing which shade to use in your home or office, there are several factors to consider. You have to decide which functions are essential to you and how well they work with the shade you choose. Do you prefer light filtering shades or light-blocking shades? Are you looking for shades that will create privacy or shades that will create a lovely frame for your gorgeous view? Are you hoping to stick to a specific budget? What size is your window or windows, and how many windows do you need to update?

How to Choose the Right Window Treatment for Your Space:

Choosing the right window treatments can be overwhelming. The best place to start is at the beginning, so ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this room?” Is the space designed for relaxing? Entertaining? Reading? Exercise? Cooking? The room’s purpose is significant when choosing your window treatments, so don’t jump right into shopping without first identifying the general purpose for your space. Different “rooms” in the house lend themselves to different types of window treatments.

Recommended Blinds and Shades for the Kitchen:

Treat your kitchen window to one of to the most popular window treatments available the classic wood blinds or faux wood blinds Photo credit @sonorandesertliving

Kitchen design featuring faux wood blinds. Photography and Designer: @sonorandesertliving (Instagram)

The kitchen is where the family often goes to make a mess. There will be food, and it won’t always stay where it belongs. It’s not the best place to install fabric window treatments like curtains or drapes. They’re too tricky to clean, and they absorb smells from cooking and smoke too quickly. Instead of fabric-heavy treatment options, we recommend considering faux wood blinds or roller shades (made of an easy to clean, vinyl material).

Recommended Blinds or Shades for the Family Room:

In most households, the family room sees high traffic, but it’s also one of the most highly styled or decorated areas in many homes. Recommendations for family room treatments are difficult because window treatments in these types of high traffic/high style spaces need to cater to the specific activities of the residents while fulfilling their design tastes. Wood blinds are a solid choice, and often create a warm, inviting feel in your family room space. Natural woven shades or bamboo shades add gorgeous texture, warmth, and custom light filtering capabilities (light filtering/blocking liners are available). Cellular shades and roman shades both come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics and offer some of the most versatile choices pairing both style and function. Layering your windows by pairing subtle shades with drapes/curtains can add luxury to your room design, additional light filtering options, or a drastic pop of color.

Recommended Blinds or Shades for the Bedroom:

In most cases, window treatments in the bedroom require privacy and light-blocking/room-darkening features. Many prefer something softer that still fulfills the necessary functions while suiting the overall design. We recommend considering cellular shades or bamboo shades with blackout lines added for bedroom windows. Bedroom windows are also often a good choice for layering window treatments. Layering can provide a great contrast of textures, a fantastic combination of functional features, and a softer look for the bedroom.

Recommended Blinds and Shades for Bathrooms:

When considering window treatments for a bathroom, one of the main considerations should be that they may get wet (or at least be subjected to high humidity), and need to offer privacy. Due to the potentially messy nature of bathrooms, it’s also a good idea to choose window treatments that are easy to clean. Considering the factors, we highly recommend faux wood blinds. They’re easy to clean, resistant to high humidity, and excellent for full privacy. Additionally, they bring a traditional stylish look into the room.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect window blinds or shades for your home? What room are you considering updating with new window treatments? If you need more help or you’re looking for more window treatment recommendations, contact Blinds Chalet Online Chat today.

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  1. Erika Brady

    I want some new window coverings for my bedroom so that I can block out sunlight in the morning in order to sleep in on the weekends. It’s great that you mention that there’s a wide variety of colors available to choose from when picking cellular shades and roman shades. This will be helpful to me since I’ve been trying to create an ocean theme in my room, so it would be nice to find some window shades that will fit the rest of my design.

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    Not long ago, my brother moved to another house, and he just realized that the sun shines directly upon his bedroom all morning. He wants to invest in window treatments to get some sleep on the weekends, so I’ll email your post to him now. Thanks for the intake on choosing light-blocking features for bedroom window treatments.


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