3 window shades tips for a beautiful summer home featuring Kukui Soft Jute Woven Window Shades in Terra Oak, room designed by @raising.tiny.disciples

3 Simple Window Shade Tips for a Beautiful Summer Home

Are you ready to snuggle up on the couch on chilly evenings, but you can’t quite settle in comfortably because your house isn’t put together the way you’d like? Our 3 simple window shade tips for a beautiful summer home will help you love your home while maximizing your budget and efficiently managing your time. Home is a place to have fun, enjoy the people around you, and make memories that will last the rest of your life. That’s a lot easier when you’ve filled your home with the look and vibe that speaks to you. Are you ready to get started? 

3 Simple Window Shade Tips for a Beautiful Summer Home: 

  1. Get the RIGHT Size Window Shade or Blind
  2. Get the Right TYPE of Window Shade or Blind
  3. Consider Light Filtering Window Shades or Light Blocking Capabilities

Your Beautiful Summer Home: 3 Simple Window Shade Tips

3 window shades tips for a beautiful summer home. Get the right shades! featuring Kukui Soft Jute Woven Window Shades in Terra Oak in child's room, room designed by @raising.tiny.disciples

Featuring: Kukui Soft Jute Woven Window Shades in Terra Oak // Designer/Photo Credit: @raising.tiny.disciples

Summer’s here, leaving many of us suddenly fretting about the state of our homes, particularly if we plan to host friends or family for summer events and gatherings. Even the most laid back host or hostess enjoys knowing their home is looking its best when they have visitors. 

But even if your favorite summer activity is lying poolside with a popsicle, it’s just more enjoyable when the house is in order and looking fabulous. If you are diving in to the summer season and you don’t feel your house is ready to go, you may not know where to start. Or you may not be sure just what it is that is making you feel that things are unsettled or unfinished. Chances are, you haven’t thought about changing your window shades in a while. If that’s the case, take a look and consider your home, and each room from the perspective of new shades on the horizon. It could open up fantastic new possibilities for utilizing your space, maximizing heavy traffic areas, accommodating specific needs for light filtering, or light blocking, and even minimize heat transfer through your home’s windows. 

Make sure you love your home this summer season with our 3 simple window shade tips for a beautiful summer home. 

Tip #1: Are Your Window Shades the Right Size? 

If you happen to be into fashion, you know what a big difference a hemline can make, and you wouldn’t go wandering off to a meeting in a pair of suit pants that hit you at the most unflattering part of your calf or have 6 inches of extra fabric that slips under the heel of your shoe. Similarly, when your window shades aren’t the right length, it’s very difficult to achieve a pleasing aesthetic. Additionally, when you install an inside mount window shade that’s just a tiny bit too wide, it won’t function well and will stick when you attempt to open and close it. In more extreme cases, the window shade may not fit inside the window frame! If your window shade is just a bit too narrow, you lose a significant portion of its function as the light leaks in on the sides, and the view from outside isn’t blocked as intended. When it’s time to install new window blinds or window shades, attempting to make do with options that are “mostly” the right size is often not worth the effort (or the money saved). Ordering custom window shades in the exact sizes you need makes it much more likely that you will love your new window shades, and that your new custom window shades will be a lasting upgrade for your home. 

Tip #2: Get the Right Type of Shade for Your Decor Style, and for Your Purposes

Some firmly believe that any old window shade will do, but when it’s time to purchase new window shades, diving in with this philosophy is doing yourself and your home a disservice. You may as well consider your options and choose the window shade, window blind, or shutter that works best for your decor style and your purposes. Start by defining the purpose of the window shade you’re going to install. What is that particular window used for – what will be going on in the space? Who will be using the window shade or window blind and what will they be hoping to accomplish when they reach out to use the window treatment? For example, if you are installing the new window shade in an Arizona Room and the area is best seen through open, clear, unimpeded windows, we recommend choosing a roller shade or cell shade. Both window treatment options are easy to install, and offer a variety of light filtering and blackout options, while also offering a clear line of site when the window shades are open. Once you’ve pinpointed your purpose and found the type of product that will suit you, consider the different colors, textures, etc. to really compliment your room’s decor. 

Tip #3: Block Out the Right Amount of Light

Do you want to block light from entering your home through the windows? If so, how much light do you want to block out of your room? Make sure to consider how the shades will handle the light coming into your room in your specific location before purchasing new window shades. We recommend ordering samples of the options you are leaning toward before placing your custom window treatment order. Ordering samples of various window shades/window blinds in the colors you think will suit your home is free, and you can make it happen right on the website. Visit Free Samples, or order samples right on each product page listing. You can also greatly benefit from speaking with one of our experienced Design Consultants who are there to help you choose the right product, and the right features (like blackout liners) for your home and your life. You can reach the Blinds Chalet Design Consultants easily by phone, Online Chat, or email. 

Blinds Chalet is here for you when you need help updating your window treatments this summer. Hopefully, you found our 3 simple window shade tips for a beautiful summer home helpful! Check back for more helpful window shade how tos and step by step DIY tutorials, and reach out if you have any questions! We’re your one stop shop for custom window shades, blinds and shutters available with online ordering and delivery to your door. Whether it’s roman shades, cellular shades, wood blinds, or roller shades…it’s never been more simple to keep your windows looking great. Discover the perfect custom window shades or blinds for your home at BlindsChalet.com. 

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