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Ultimate Custom Window Treatments Guide to Perfect Shades

In our custom window treatments guide, we’ll show you that one of the most impactful choices you can make for your home’s decor is in your window treatments. They not only influence the aesthetic of your rooms but also functionality in terms of light control, privacy, and energy efficiency. Custom window treatments offer the perfect blend of style and practicality, tailored to fit the unique needs of each room in your home. Here’s your ultimate guide to selecting the right window treatments for every space.

Custom Window Treatments Guide on Living Rooms: The Heart of the Home

The living room often serves multiple purposes – a place for relaxation, entertainment, and sometimes even a workspace. For such a versatile room, consider layered window treatments. Combine light-filtering shades with heavier drapes. This allows for privacy and light control during the day, while heavier curtains can add warmth and block out light for movie nights.

Moving on to the Bedroom: Your Personal Sanctuary

roman shades, solid roman shades, custom window shades

Solid Print Roman Shades in Sherlock White

In the bedroom, privacy and light control are paramount. Blackout curtains or shades are ideal, especially if you enjoy sleeping in a completely dark room.

Looking for a More Tailored Look?

For a more tailored look, consider Roman shades in a luxurious fabric that complements your bedroom decor.

Custom Window Treatments Guide on Kitchens: Functionality Meets Style

The kitchen requires window treatments that are easy to clean and can handle moisture. Faux wood blinds or solar shades are great options as they resist moisture and are simple to wipe down. Motorized roller shades may also be a good option for providing privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Discussing Bathrooms: Privacy and Durability

In bathrooms, privacy is a top concern, along with the need for moisture-resistant materials. Faux wood blinds or waterproof roller shades are excellent choices. They provide the necessary privacy and withstand the humid conditions of a bathroom.

Custom Window Treatments Guide on the Home Office: Balance Light & Productivity

Premier 3_4_ Light Filtering Single Cell Shades in Cotton with Photo Credit @pigskinandpigtails 1

Premier 3/4″ Light Filtering Single Cell Shades in Cotton // Photo Credit @pigskinandpigtails

In a home office, it’s important to minimize glare on computer screens while maintaining natural light, which boosts productivity and mood. Cellular shades or sheer shades can reduce glare while diffusing light softly. They also offer the flexibility to adjust the amount of light filtering into the room.

Light Filtering vs. Light Blocking or Blackout: It’s important to know the difference between light filtering and light blocking or blackout shades. While blackout shades can be an immense help in certain situations, it’s not often that you want to block out all light coming in from your windows. If you’re unsure, discuss it in detail with one of the Blinds Chalet Design Consultants. 

Considering Dining Rooms: Elegance and Ambiance

The dining room is often a space for formal gatherings and family dinners. Opt for elegant draperies or Roman shades that can create a sophisticated backdrop. Layering sheers with heavier drapes allows for adjustable light control, setting the right mood for any occasion.

Custom Window Treatments Guide on the Children’s Room: Safety and Fun

0613 Blinds Chalet Designer Feature - Photo and Design Credit Alainakaz

Enjoy cordless controls on your favorite style of custom window treatments. // Photo and Design Credit Alainakaz

In children’s rooms, safety and functionality come first. Cordless blinds or shades are the safest options, eliminating the risk of entanglement. Choose fun patterns or colors to add a playful touch, and consider light-blocking options for naptime.

Cordless Features: Enjoy cordless controls on the custom window treatments that suit your personal style and tastes. The cordless feature is a fairly standard option in today’s market due to its convenience and safety features.

Light Blocking: To block out light to aid your little one during naptime, look for blackout shades or custom shades that offer a privacy or blackout liner option. 

Which Shades Will You Choose?

custom window treatments guide, new window shadesChoosing the right custom window treatments for each room in your home can be both a delightful and daunting task. Hopefully, our custom window treatments guide was helpful.

Remember, it’s not just about style – consider the functionality that each room demands. With a wide range of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and decor. Browse countless custom window treatment options for every decor style at

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