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Top 4 Window Shades for the Home or Office in 2020

Most window shades are one single piece of material that you can raise or lower to provide light control and privacy in your home or office. Since this general definition includes a wide variety of popular window treatments, some shoppers find it confusing to figure out which type of shade would best suit their room, needs, and style. If you are on the hunt for the perfect window shade and don’t know where to start, we suggest starting with the differences between various types of window shades.

2020’s Top 4 Window Shades for the Home or Office:

1. Roman Shades
2. Bamboo Shades
3. Roller Shades
4. Cellular Shades

What Is the Difference Between the Different Types of Window Shades?

Roman Shades are created using one piece of material, and they can easily add a significant punch of style, color, or texture to your room décor with the extra material creating soft folds as the shade is pulled up to let in light or see the view.

Bamboo Shades are the perfect accent in this vintage beach vibe decor by @shiplapandshells.

Gorgeous vintage beach design by @shiplapandshells featuring Blinds Chalet bamboo shades.

Bamboo Shades or Woven Shades can offer a natural look or bring exotic style into a room. Bamboo shades also allow designers to add texture to the room without drawing away from the design with many different woven wood shades, including complex textures like exotic reeds, woods, and grasses, all in sophisticated natural shades. Most importantly, bamboo shades have the ability to look fabulous in almost any décor scheme.

Roller Shades are created using one sheet of fabric or other material that rolls around a tubular headrail when the shades are raised. When the shades are pulled down, the fabric unrolls to provide coverage on the window.

Cellular Shades have a honeycomb design with air pockets that provide additional insulation for windows.

Still Not Sure Which Window Shade is Right for Your Space?

If you still need help deciding which window shade is right for your space, we can help. Talk to a friendly and experienced window covering expert online to get answers to your questions, learn how to measure your windows, or ask for recommendations based on your family, your home, and what’s important to you! Once you decide which shade you’re interested in, consider ordering a sample to see the material, color, and texture in your own space before ordering your custom window shades. Find out more at

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