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common window problems like gigantic windows have easy solutions

Common Window Problems with Easy Solutions: Gigantic Windows

When customers consider window treatments for the windows in their home or office, there are certain questions that come up on a regular basis. If you’ve been shopping for blinds or shades, you’ve probably had a lot of the same questions. Today we’ll feature one of many common window problems that has an easy solution: gigantic windows. read more...

motorized shades FAQ

Motorized Shades FAQ: a Popular & Exciting Add On Feature

We often get motorized shades FAQ; questions from prospective customers, or returning customers interested in upgrading more of their window shades. One of the topics that comes up the most regularly regardless of product is motorization. Almost everyone looking to upgrade their window coverings is at least a little interested in the possibility of motorizing hard to reach or inaccessible window shades, and others just adore the convenience of it for all the windows in their home.  read more...

Popular Bamboo Shade Features: Customer Reviews & Top Add Ons

One of our most popular natural woven shades with popular bamboo shade features, Bali Natural Shades in Cabo Honeynut // Photo Credit: @nestofpetals

The best-selling Bali Natural Shades in Cabo Honeynut // Photo Credit: @nestofpetals

One of our most popular window shades in 2020 is still a top choice for 2021: the bamboo shade or natural woven shade. But what about popular bamboo shade features? The decision to buy and install bamboo shades is just the first step toward buying and installing custom window shades. Once you know you love the look of natural woven shades, you have some more decisions to make. read more...

designers love bamboo shades _ photo credit @farmhousetofrills

Designers Love Bamboo Shades: Do You Know Why?

Have you ever wondered why designers love bamboo shades so much? This is your chance to hear why some of our guest designers adore bamboo shades in their spaces. Are you considering upgrading your window blinds or shades? Do you love the look of the natural woven shades (or bamboo shades, as many prefer to call them)? Consider some feedback from a few professionals who not only recently purchased and installed bamboo shades but who make a living creating work and living spaces that the rest of us envy. read more...