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Top 2024 Window Treatment Trends: Elevate Your Home

2024 window treatment trends like floral prints and bold patterns

Floral Roman Shades in Liana Seafoam with cordless feature // Designer featured: @fromdirt2details Sarah McGill

As we step into the new year, 2024 window treatment trends and overall home decor trends continue to evolve, bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the forefront. Blinds Chalet is at the cutting edge of these trends, offering a wide range of options to elevate your home’s aesthetic. read more...

add natural woven shades to update your space

Media Room Update: Add Natural Woven Shades

Get a quick look at one of our 2021 project collaborations with guest designer, Sue. This designer wanted to give her media room an updated look and decided that adding natural woven shades to her windows would make all the difference.

About Our Guest Designer: Sue of @WoolandVineDesign

Our guest designer, Sue, lives in California and runs a home decor Instagram account at @woolandvinedesign where you’ll find her sharing home improvement projects with her followers.

About the Project: Media Room Update

When Sue decided her media room needed an update, one of the elements she knew she wanted to add to the space was natural woven shades. 

Before & After Images: Media Room Update with @WoolAndVineDesign

Check out before and after photos of the media room update project:

Before Photo: Media Room Update 2021 with @WoolandVineDesign

Before Photo, Photo & Design Credit: @woolandvinedesign

When Sue decided her media room needed an update, she knew she wanted natural woven shades in the space.

After Photo: @WoolandVineDesign added natural woven shades

After Photo, Photo & Design Credit: @WoolAndVineDesign

In the end, she decided on Bali Natural Woven Shades in Spree Studio. Here’s the final look!

The Process: Ordering Custom Bamboo Shades Online

Browsing Products: The process started by browsing the products available on the website. Since Sue already knew she wanted natural woven shades, she could go directly to the bamboo shades section and consider the different options. Tip: When browsing products, don’t browse blindly. There are a number of factors that you should consider right off the bat so you don’t get attached to any options that actually won’t work for your space, your budget, your lifestyle, or your timeline. Different products have different production times – the estimated production time needed for each product is listed on the description page right next to the main image. If you know you want to have your new window shades installed within 4 weeks, you’ll want to take note of any with production times that will fall outside your window. You’ll also want to consider the available color choices, textures, and features available with each window shade.

Identifying the Best Shades or Blinds for Your Space: When attempting to identify the best shades or blinds for your room or space, feel free to touch base with the Design Consultants for answers to questions about the products, how to measure windows, manufacturing times, available features, installation, etc. They’re a great resource – and they’re available by phone, email, or online chat. Access the Online Chat option on the home page. 

Ordering Samples: Samples are always a great idea. It’s best to see the different materials in your space with your lighting and decor, etc. During the @WoolAndVineDesign 2021 Media Room Update, Sue ordered samples and received them the next week. Once she had them in hand in her room, she discovered that they weren’t the right color for the space. She quickly ordered a new set of samples adjusting her choices a bit, so she could ensure she’d love the final look of her woven shades.

Measuring Your Windows: Make sure to access instructions on how to measure for your blinds or shades. You can find info on how to measure included on the product pages. Once you’ve accessed instructions and measured your windows, do it again to double-check that they are accurate. There’s nothing worse than ordering a custom window shade in the wrong size.

Ordering: Once you’ve seen your samples (and love them) and you have your window measurements, add your order to your online shopping cart, and process your order.

Shipping: Sue received her order of custom-made Bali Natural Woven Shades in Spree Studio 4 weeks later. Remember, shipping times and production time will vary depending on the product you order. However, you can always log in to your online account at BlindsChalet.com to get a status update on your order or reach out to the Design Consultants for more info on your order’s progress by phone, email, or Online Chat.

Installation Process: Installation instructions and tips for an easy install are included on each product page. If you have questions during the install or before you get started on the installation process, check the product page for detailed information or reach out to the Design Consultants for more info on your order’s progress by phone, email, or Online Chat.

after photos of media room update project - Adding natural woven shades can quickly update your space. // Get the look with Bali Natural Woven Shades in Spree Studio. // Credit: @woolandvinedesign.

Our guest designer, @woolandvinedesign, was very happy with the completed Media Room Update. // Photo and Design Credit: @woolandvinedesign

The Finished Media Room Update Project:

best shades for your window: why designers choose bamboo shades

Best Shades for Your Window: Why Designers Choose Bamboo Window Shades

When it’s time to buy window treatments, it’s not only hard to identify the best shades for your window. It can also be difficult to know where to start. Do you go with the cheapest option? Do you go with the most expensive option? Do you match the wall? Or do you match the trim? Or is it not supposed to match at all? What features should you look for in a window shade? How do you know what will look great in your home? There’s no universal right answer, but we do see a lot of the interior designers we work with leaning heavily on the bamboo window shade. But why do designers choose bamboo window shades so often?

* Featured image details: Bali Natural Woven Shades in Cabo Honeynut // Design and Photo Credit: @nestofpetals, Rosana Milam.

Natural Woven Shades Add Texture, An Essential Design Element:

“Bamboo shades have the classic coastal style that fits perfectly with beach house decor, and adds so much texture to a room.” –Kim, @shiplapandshells

If you’ve never considered the need to add texture to a room or you have no idea what that means, you’re going to love hearing more. Texture is actually an essential element in any room; it’s what makes a room feel welcoming, cozy, and finished. In addition to giving us something to look at, they remind us of nature and that’s soothing at a very basic level. You can add texture in many ways: plants, baskets, natural wood grains, pillows or tapestries, rugs, certain furniture, books, architectural pieces…or natural woven shades like bamboo window shades.

Designers Depend on Natural Woven Shades to Add Warmth to the Room: read more...

Focusing on the Windows: A History of Success

focusing on the windows

BlindsChalet.com was focusing on the windows as a partner in Season 8 of OWN Network’s award-winning show Home Made Simple with Laila Ali. Details below.

At Blinds Chalet we are dedicated to focusing on the windows, and we have a history of success! Consider this a bit of a highlight reel featuring various projects and collaborations throughout the years that we found inspired homeowners and designers to expect the best for the window treatments they installed in their homes and offices. 

A History of Success: Focusing on the Windows with Own Network

{Watch full episodes of Home Made Simple with Laila Ali, tune in – “Saturdays at 9 AM/8AM CT” on @owntv}. Follow @homemadesimple on Facebook and Twitter. 

Own Network, Home Made Simple Episode 808 Summary: The Home Made Simple team looks for creative ways to tackle household projects that tend to spend far too much time on the “to do” list. Each Home Made Simple episode is designed to provide inspiration to help get DIY projects started around the house, point out great ways to save money and maximize a limited budget, and suggest time saving techniques. In this episode of the award-winning home improvement show, Home Made Simple, Own Network designers focused on two amazing sisters. After Ami was diagnosed with cancer, her sister Boots moved in to be there for her and provide any help she might need. Ami has a rock-n-roll home decor style, that just didn’t suit her sister’s style at all. The Home Made Simple team decided to do something about it, so they arranged a surprise! The team managed to coordinate a “switcheroo” with each sister working on redecorating the other’s room and as part of the process, the team chose new window treatments to install from the wide variety offered at BlindsChalet.com. The result? It’s been called one of the most amazing makeovers of the season.

Focusing on the windows with Blinds Chalet and Home Made Simple with Laila Ali

The two sisters in this episode did a bedroom decor “switcheroo” and the team helped each of them redecorate the other’s room!

Focusing on the windows with Blinds Chalet and Home Made Simple with Laila Ali

The two rooms were drastically different because they each reflected the personal style and taste of their owner. The project was a huge success!


A History of Success: Focusing on the Windows with Sabrina Soto on the Rachael Ray Show read more...

Popular Window Shade Features

4 Most Popular Window Shade Features in 2021

We’ve already discussed the most popular window shades in 2021 and talked about the differences between the different types of window shades, window blinds, and shutters currently trending with homeowners and interior designers. However, did you know that once you decide on the type of window treatment you prefer, you’re not finished? It’s almost more fun to decide which features you’ll add to your window treatments. So, to give you a few ideas, let’s take a look at the 4 most popular window shade features in 2021! 

4 Most Popular Window Shade Features in 2021: 

Popular Window Shade Features

  1. Motorized Shades or Blinds: Blinds and shades with the motorized feature added can be opened and closed with the flip of a switch. Options for controlling motorized blinds or shades include a handheld remote control or a wall switch. Examples of window treatments that offer the motorization feature include honeycomb shades (battery operated so no electrical wiring is required to install these motorized shades). Check out our wide variety of motorized blinds and shades. Adding the Motorized upgrade is an option available when you add the product to your online shopping cart, and upgrade fees are listed clearly.
  2. Smart Hub Motorization: When considering your window treatments, technology is now a factor. Many homeowners and office managers are opting for Smart Hub Motorization. This add-on feature makes it possible for you to open and close your shades before you enter a room, without getting off the sofa, or even before you arrive home from work. Many consumers lean toward Smart Hub Motorization features not just for the convenience they offer, but for added safety.
  3. Cordless Options: In addition to being clean and simple, cordless options are a safe choice for children and animals. (In fact, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, between 1990 and 2015, there were 16,827 window blind-related injuries among children under six years old). Statistics like this have led to a massive influx in demand for cordless shades and blinds.
  4. Top Down Bottom Up Feature: The extra control of light and privacy offered by the top down bottom up feature draws many who enjoy natural light in their living spaces, but need privacy and want to enjoy the natural light on their terms. The top down bottom up feature offers the unique opportunity to open the shades to let light in without relinquishing your privacy. 

Remember the Point of Window Shades: Privacy & Light Control

Window shades and blinds are designed to provide privacy, control the sunlight coming in from outside, and help maintain a home’s temperature. The plethora of options in today’s marketplace make it possible for the modern window treatment to do all that while also dressing up your home or office’s windows and creating a specific look for your space.

Trends Aside: Find the Blinds or Shades that Suit YOUR Style read more...