Cellular Shades: Going Eco-Friendly

Mar 10 2010

2012 is quickly approaching and with it are more doom and gloom prophesies. Whether these doomsday stories are true or not, people are looking for more green ways of living. For many, that means replacing traditional window treatments with cellular shades.

Eco-minded people have discovered cellular shades help the environment in three ways.

Blinds Save Energy Usage
One of the biggest wastes of energy comes from the windows. That is why people use double pane glass, caulk the edges, and even put up aluminum foil. They do it all in attempts to keep the cool air in during the summer and cold air out during the winter.

When you put up cellular shades, especially the cordless kind with tracts, it is like adding a layer of insulation. Matter of fact that is what the honeycomb design is all about. Stolen from nature, this honeycomb shape is the perfect insulator.

As all homeowners know, the better insulated the house, the more you save on energy bills. Additionally, the shades contribute a small part to helping with the energy crisis that the world is in.

Eco- Friendly Blinds: Good for the Environment
Besides the benefits of less energy consumed, eco-friendly blinds are made from energy efficient materials. This means that the waste won't fill our landfills and destroy our atmosphere. The blinds are durable, made to last, and won't damage the environment.

When you buy eco-friendly shades from Blinds Chalet, you know you are getting shades made from sustainable manufacturing. Additionally, they manufacture the blinds in such a way that it does not produce greenhouse gasses, generate wastes, and it does not use toxic materials.

GreenGuard - Indoor Air Quality
In the long list of reasons why cellular shades are eco-friendly is the GreenGuard standard. GreenGuard is a nonprofit organization committed to improving public heath by monitoring and improving indoor air quality. When you see the GreenGuard certification, you know you are getting good blinds.
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