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Shades - Choosing the Right Window Treatments

Dec 13 2009

When it comes to buying window shades for your home, more and more people are turning to the simple elegance of roller shades. With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide which is best and which ones will work for your home. Here is a simple guide to help you determine which shade is right for you.

Standard Solar Screen Shades
These shades are designed to keep UV rays out along with heat from the sun. They also limit eyestrain. You can find them in a variety of colors.

Environmentally Friendly Solar Screen Shades
Similar to standard solar screen shades, these blinds have one feature standard shades do not. They are environmentally friendly.  They are PVC-free, 100% recyclable and LEED certification-friendly.

Standard Roller Shades
These come in a variety of light filtering styles. You can find some that block out 100% of UV and others that are environmentally friendly. They also come in a wide selection of colors ranging from white to moss to sterling and more.

When you purchase blinds from Blinds Chalet, you know the blinds meet Child Safety Standards. They are also made to the highest of standards.

Choosing the right roller shade will depend greatly on how much light you need to block out and how much you want to see through. For those who want the best room darkening effect, Suntec Blackout Vinyl Roller Shades may be the best. While those wanting to enjoy the view may prefer the Eclipse 5% Screen Roller Shades. Either way you get excellent shades without sacrificing your budget.
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