Blinds Chalet Announces August's Blind of the Month

Jul 27 2010

Each month, Blinds Chalet features one 'Blind of the Month,' a Covergirl of window treatments if you will. This month, Blinds Chalet is excited to announce the EcoGreen Roller Shade is taking center stage.

Roller shades are the perfect shade for summer as they help block UV rays while maintaining views. These blinds have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly in several ways:
  • Made from environmentally friendly fabrics
  • Conserve the environment
  • PVC-free and have no volatile organic compounds
  • 100% recyclable to keep landfills free and preserve the earth's resources
  • LEED Certification friendly.
  • Fire resistant
The simple, clean style of these window treatments lends themselves to the classic color palette which includes Mushroom, Onyx, Wheat and White. These blinds are a compliment to any room and are especially popular with apartments on higher floors that aren't concerned with privacy. These window treatments can also be paired with drapes for additional privacy when needed.

For those looking to purchase blinds or window treatments, take a look at Blinds Chalet's extensive selection of affordable and discount quality blinds.
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