Custom Window Treatments are Best Bought From Independent Retailers

May 26 2010

There are lots of benefits of buying from mega retailers. You can buy almost anything there and they usually offer cheaper prices than you find other places, but the quality is often lacking. When you’re looking for blinds or window treatments, doesn’t it make more sense to buy ones that aren’t going to fall apart in the first year? Constantly replacing blinds will end up costing you more than buying quality blinds in the first place. Custom window treatments are made to order and with independent retailers moving online, the process is fast, simple and convenient. When you decide it’s time for window treatments for your home, think about the following:

1.    Do you like having options? Mega stores often carry one or two kinds of window treatments, but they don’t have the space to carry the selection that independent retailers do. They also custom make their blinds, so blinds fit your window and you don’t have to try to cut down blinds that were made for every size window.

2.    Because independent stores specialize in blinds and shutters and drapes, they are able to get the best bulk prices and make sure you see savings on your purchase. They offer affordable blinds with so much more selection than huge chain stores. Independent stores often sell only online so they don’t have to invest in costly monthly rental payments.

3.    When you have a question you need answered, it’s reassuring to talk to someone who knows their products and can offer suggestions and ideas based on your needs. At mega retailers, there are so many products to learn, that it can often be impossible to track down anybody who can give real details about your purchase.

4.    One benefit to shopping online with independent retailers is you can order samples. This way, you can hold the exact color and material of a potential blind without having to buy it first and then worry about returns. Considering how many shades there are of window treatments, it makes sense to be sure you have the exact color you want before you buy.

5.    Shopping online is easy. You get door-to-door delivery, you don’t have to pay sales tax if you live out of state and you can track your package and see when it will be there. You don’t have to haul heavy blinds out to your car and into your home. Let the experts do that for you.

As a consumer, you have a ton of choices of where you can spend your money. So when you decide to make an investment in something like window blinds or treatments, be sure you are getting not only the best price, but the best quality window treatments out there. You will save money if you buy a blind that will last for ten years instead of ones that only go to filling up the landfills after a year.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a new home you want to stylize or if you have a home that you want to update and make feel new, there is a window treatment that will compliment your unique style, from drapes to blinds to wood and faux wood blinds, single and double cell shades and more. Find an independent retailer near you.
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