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Top 5 RV Window Shades: Combining Style and Function

The RV life is all about travel and freedom…and the freedom to travel where you want when you want to go. Some RVers reserve their recreational vehicles for annual family trips or periodic road trips. Others live in their RVs full time. Regardless of why you love the RV life or how you choose to enjoy it, there’s one thing we can all agree on – the RV life is about doing it your way. So it’s only appropriate that many RV enthusiasts enjoy making their RV their own with custom upgrades and decor like new window shades. Upgrading your RV blinds or shades is a simple way to make a drastic difference to the overall look and feel of the RV. In many cases, recreational vehicles can significantly benefit from upgraded window shades with better or more functional features.  read more...

Benefits of Roman Shades: Take Advantage of Unique Upgrades and Features

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The classic, timeless look of the Roman Shades has been prized since…you guessed it, Roman times. The benefits of Roman Shades are almost as well known as they are loved by homeowners and designers alike. This customizable window treatment is easy to use, and never seems to lose its ability to suit the aesthetic of ever-evolving design trends. However, the Roman Shade’s unique upgrades and features are what really make this particular window treatment stand out from the rest of the blinds and shades available in today’s market.  read more...

Blinds Chalet has many motorized window shades compatible with smart homes for home automation.

Best Smart Hubs for Home Automation: NeoSmart vs. HomeMate vs. Otto vs. Connector Hub

Have you ever heard an argument break out in your home over who would close the blinds? Bickering over who gets out of bed to close the shades, or who gets off the couch to adjust the blinds for better movie viewing is not out of the norm. Many families would say it’s a common occurrence, but not in homes outfitted with a smart hub. read more...

Blinds Chalet offers a wide variety of bamboo shades

Top 4 Window Shades for the Home or Office in 2020

Most window shades are one single piece of material that you can raise or lower to provide light control and privacy in your home or office. Since this general definition includes a wide variety of popular window treatments, some shoppers find it confusing to figure out which type of shade would best suit their room, needs, and style. If you are on the hunt for the perfect window shade and don’t know where to start, we suggest starting with the differences between various types of window shades. read more...