best window coverings to keep the heat out in summer 2022

Best Window Coverings For Summer 2022: Keep the Heat Out

Looking for the best window coverings for summer 2022? You aren’t the only one. When the summer temperatures start to rise, so do the temperatures inside your home. You may be a fan of the sunlight coming through the window each morning to remind you to greet the new day, but that same sunlight that signifies the start of a new day as it enters through the window transforms into heat. That light coming in through your home’s windows transforming into heat can build up – leaving your home feeling a little bit too much like a greenhouse. To counteract this effect, we suggest looking at your window coverings.

Can Energy Efficient Window Treatments Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer?

Many of us are lucky enough to have air conditioners or other cooling systems to control our home’s temperature, but the transfer of heat through your home’s windows can really make a dent in efforts to conserve energy. If you are looking for ways to keep your home cool this summer without seeing your energy bill skyrocket, you may want to consider energy efficient window treatments. Energy-efficient shades or blinds can keep the summer heat out by blocking the sunlight and offering additional insulation; they effectively keep more of the summer heat out and more of the cooled air inside. As cooled air dissipates from your home, you lose energy (and money). Since up to 20% of cooled air dissipation happens through a house’s windows, it only makes sense to start a quest for better temperature control with the right blinds or shades.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with the Right Blinds or Shades:

Choosing the right blinds or shades for your home can make a big difference. If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, help keep the temps down inside while the heat is raging outside, or save on your energy bill, the easiest and most affordable place to start is with your window coverings. Consider some of the best window coverings for summer the experts here at Blinds Chalet recommend for keeping the heat out in Summer 2022.

Best Window Coverings to Keep the Summer Heat Out: Summer 2022

When summer hits and the temperatures start to rise, it can quickly become apparent that your window coverings are not as efficient as you’d like. If you need more energy efficient window treatments to help you combat the summer heat, consider a few of the best window coverings to keep the summer heat out we frequently recommend.

Cellular Shades (aka Honeycomb Shades):

best window shades to keep the heat out in summer 2022

Cell shades are designed to minimize heat transfer through your home’s windows. // Get the look with ¾” Light Filtering Single Cell Shades in Cotton. // Credit: @pigskinandpigtails

Many people opt for cell shades (the long horizontal hexagonal cells are stacked vertically to create a shade full of pockets that trap air and insulate the home reducing heat gain through a house’s windows by up to 80%).

In addition to providing another level of insulation for your home, honeycomb cellular shades can provide additional benefits and features like light filtering, light blocking, top down bottom up features to accommodate additional light or privacy needs, motorization add ons, noise reduction, reduced energy costs, cordless options (best for child safety), and more. Honeycomb shades come in a variety of color choices and can be paired with drapes or Roman Shades for a layered look. Pleat sizes vary from small to medium to large.

Roman Shades:

best window coverings to keep the heat out in summer 2022

Get the look with Valencia Roman Shade in Eggplant (color discontinued) // Design Credit: Andrea Serrano @charlestonshopcurator Photography Credit: @kimgrahamphoto

Another popular energy efficient window treatment is the roman shade. Roman shades combine elements from both classic and modern design leaving them the perfect choice for many spaces that need room darkening or significant light control and insulation.

Roman shades are known for being energy efficient. Compared to other types of window shades, they can offer far better temperature control. You can pull them open in winter to let in the most sunlight and heat, or prevent overheating in summer by closing them. They come with a variety of optional features that allow you to handpick the level light filtering or light blocking, style, color, top down bottom up for additional privacy or light control, and much more. Appropriate for almost any room in the house, and available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles, the roman shade is an extremely versatile (and stylish) choice.

Exterior Shades or Solar Shades:

If keeping the summer heat out of your home is a priority, you may want to consider adding exterior shades to porch or patio areas or solar shades. Exterior shades and solar shades are designed to filter out harmful UV rays, minimize solar gain, and diffuse sunlight (allowing you to allow natural light in without the glare). A well placed exterior shade or solar shade has many benefits, but one benefit is that they can make a big difference when trying to reduce your home’s interior temperature.

Keep the Heat Out with the Best Window Coverings For Summer 2022:

Energy efficient window treatments can help keep your home cool as summer temperatures rise making them a doubly good choice as they keep your home more comfortable and also help you save on energy costs. Browse our wide variety of different window treatments in varying styles that can help keep the summer heat outside where it belongs at


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