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Don’t Upgrade Your RV Shades Until After You Drive Off the Lot

Are you planning to purchase an RV? Don’t upgrade your RV shades at the dealership because you’re feeling the pressure. At the dealership, you’ll typically pay top dollar for new RV shades. Instead, you can get high-quality shades for your recreational vehicle at a fraction of the cost by purchasing them online after you drive your new RV off the lot.

Buying Custom RV Shades Online vs. Buying RV Shades from the Dealership

Purchasing upgrades direct from the dealership may seem like the only option for first-time RV buyers, but there are also even better options available. The RV blinds you purchase from Blinds Chalet are custom built to fit your recreation vehicle’s windows – plus the RV-friendly shades and blinds are easy to install.

What Features are Available for Custom RV Shades?

You may already know that you want to add high quality RV window coverings to your RV to gain some privacy, and protect your new motorhome’s interior from sun damage, but you may not be aware of what other options are available with RV-friendly shades. If you’re a first time RV shade shopper, consider whether or not you are interested in one of more of the popular features available: light filtering, privacy liners or blackout liners, blackout RV shades, decorative tapes (replacing standard rope lift cords, decorative tapes add more light control and serve as an aesthetic enhancement), cordless lift, motorization,

Choose From Several Popular RV Shade Options:

The RV shade that is right for you will depend on your budget, your style, the available colors, production times, and the features you want to include. Consider some of our most popular RV shades before you decide which is right for your recreational vehicle.

Light Filtering RV Pleated Shades: Available in 10 different colors, this pleated shade allows you to specify an interior or exterior mount to accommodate any RV window. The popular RV shade is made using light filtering fabric that cuts down on the light without blackening out the interior of the RV. When opened, the Light Filtering RV Pleated Shade fabric compresses tightly to reveal a clear view through the window.

RV 1″ Aluminum Mini Blinds: 1″ RV Aluminum Mini Blinds are designed for easy installation and use in your camper, recreational vehicle, or motorhome. Custom RV blinds include a cordless built-in tension lift system for easy opening and closing as well as easy care.

Day & Night RV Pleated Shades: This popular RV shade is actually two shades in one. The “day” shade filters light – letting the filtered light pass through the shades into the RV, but still offering some privacy. The “night” shade takes it a step further to block out light so you can sleep. In addition to offering the two different options depending on what you need in the moment, both shades can also be raised to offer an unobstructed view out of the RV’s window. These pleated shades are also an effective means of helping control heat loss and heat gain in your RV.

Blackout Vinyl RV Roller Shades: The Blackout Vinyl RV Roller Shade helps control light with its room-darkening fabric (available in 9 colors). Lowering the roller shade is easy and efficiently blocks out light and offers privacy for your RV’s interior. The shades are cordless lift and the standard heat-sealed, encolosed hembar ensures the shades are secure with no loose elements allowing them to move around or cause annoying noise while the RV is in motion. The ease-up lift mechanism uses spring-loaded braking to reduce rewind speed and control the movement of the cordless lift. This particular RV window shade has an optional motorization upgrade available, as well. Motorizing your RV shades means controlling your shades with the touch of a button.

Day Night Double RV Roller Shades: This popular RV shades is designed with two roller shades, one uses screen fabric and the other shade uses blackout fabric. Lowering the screen fabric shade allows you to filter light and have some privacy during the daytime, while lowering the blackout fabric shade blocks out the light at night so you can sleep. The two shades opereate on their own individual roll, and are operated using cordless lift so there are no cords to bounce around when you’re driving your RV.

Where to Buy RV Shades at Affordable Prices:

At Blinds Chalet we have a variety of RV window blinds and shades specifically designed for windows in RVs, motor homes, trailers, campers, and more. When you order blinds or shades for your RV from the experts at Blinds Chalet, they are custom built to fit your RV. Shop RV-friendly shades and blinds today at BlindsChalet.com.

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