Benefits of Roman Shades: Take Advantage of Unique Upgrades and Features


Lexi westergard design encanto project update, roman shades in kitchen window

Designer: Lexi Westergard Design, Photographer: John C. Woodcock, Featured Product: custom roman shades from

The classic, timeless look of the Roman Shades has been prized since…you guessed it, Roman times. The benefits of Roman Shades are almost as well known as they are loved by homeowners and designers alike. This customizable window treatment is easy to use, and never seems to lose its ability to suit the aesthetic of ever-evolving design trends. However, the Roman Shade’s unique upgrades and features are what really make this particular window treatment stand out from the rest of the blinds and shades available in today’s market. 

Not sure that roman shades are the right choice for your home or office windows? Consider some of the unique upgrades, features and benefits of roman shades.

Choose from Three Types of Roman Shades: 

  • Standard Roman Shades are made of durable polyester and are an easy to use, customizable window treatment suitable for almost any budget. 
  • Envirofusion Shades are made with a cellular shade liner that makes them a great energy efficient window shade option. 
  • Bamboo Roman Shades or woven wood look Roman Shades offer even more options with a woven wood look that can add much-needed natural textures to a home or office. 

Choose from Various “Fold” Styles for Your Roman Shades: 

  • “Tear Drop” / Hobbled Fold: This Roman Shade design upgrade uses additional material between panels to create a fuller look for your finished shade. 
  • Flat Fold: The flat fold Roman Shade is designed to pull the fabric of the shade tight between each panel to create a more modern contemporary look for home or office windows. 
  • Duofold / Top-Down Bottom-Up: With the top down bottom up option, the Roman Shade can be raised from the bottom up in the typical fashion, but it can also be lowered from the top down. This unique Roman Shade feature is a great idea when additional light control options are needed or if you have a spectacular view to accommodate. Adding the top down bottom up feature to roman shades increases the flexibility of this already accommodating shade design making it even easier to obtain privacy with light filtering functionality. 
  • European Style Fold: Roman shades with the European style fold curve up on the sides as the shade is raised to soften the final look of the window treatment, but since this fold style typically requires manual adjusting, it’s not the best choice for frequently used shades. 
  • Seamless Fold: The seamless fold roman shade is exactly what it sounds like – a simple, tailored roman shade design without any visible horizontal seams. 

Choose from Different Lift Features and Upgrades: 

  • Cordless Lift: The cordless roman shade design can be raised and lowered – all without using a lift cord, and are a great choice when you want to avoid visible cords. Cordless lift roman shades are a great option for many windows, but usually the entire window needs to be accessible (or within reach). When cordless roman shades are installed in taller windows, completely raising the shade may be difficult due to reach limitations since there are no cords. 
  • Cord Front Upgrade: The cord front upgrade moves the cord in front of the roman shades and allows easier operation. This upgrade also makes the lift cord visible. (Standard lift cord design hides the cording behind the shades to create a cleaner design. 

Maximize Roman Shade Functionality with Popular Upgrades and Features: 

Lexi westergard design encanto project update, roman shades in kitchen window

Designer: Lexi Westergard Design, Encanto Project, Photographer: John C. Woodcock.

  • Rollease/Continuous Cords: Adding the rollease or continuous cord upgrade to your roman shades is a good idea for any larger windows as it greatly enhances the ease of operation. Since larger shades can be heavy, the continuous cord is helpful to make raising and lowering the roman shades easier. Rollease or continuous loop cords are also easier for arthritic hands to grip and control. 
  • Blackout Lining Options: Blackout roller shades aren’t the only option when looking for complete light control. With optional blackout lining, Roman Shades can fulfill the function of a blackout roller shade without losing the aesthetic of the original shade design.
  • Light Filtering Options: Roman Shades with light filtering options and liners are designed to let just the right amount of ambient light into your room while offering complete privacy. 
  • Motorization: When adding a motorization upgrade to your roman shades for hands free control, operation can be handled by remote control or through a smart hub automation system. Remote controlled shades use a radio technology system and smart hub automation requires a strong WiFi signal. The ability to motorize shades is one of the most popular benefits of roman shades. 
  • Remote Operation: Roman shades can be controlled by remote with various options depending on the number of shades you’d like to control with your remote (from 1 shade or group up to 16 shades or groups of shades can be controlled by a remote control). 
  • Smart Hub Automation: Adding a Smart Home Hub to motorized blinds allows roman shades to be connected to different smart home options such as Alexa or Google Home. Multiple blinds or shades can be added to one smart home hub system, making it easy to use hand-free control for roman shades throughout the house. 

Consider Additional Design Options Available with Roman Shades: 

Decorative Tapes and Tassels: Some roman shades offer the option to upgrade the design to include decorative tapes incorporating beading, tassels, etc. that take the finished design to the next level. (For instance, Bali Tailored Roman Shades and Bali Tailored Roman Shades – Prints & Patterns offer a variety of decorative upgrades). 

For information on how to measure your windows for roman shades, or how to install your new roman shades, visit your chosen roman shade product page at 

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