2020's Minimalist Home Decor Trend may guide buyers towards bamboo shades.

Trending 2020 Home Decor Trends Guiding Window Treatment Choices

Most people are heavily influenced by home décor styles when choosing their window blinds or window shades, but do you know your design style? How do you decorate? Do you have one style you embrace 100%, or do you veer from home décor style to home décor style?

Window Treatment Trends in Home Décor:

Is your living room full of plush velvet pillows, faux fur throws, and decadent carpeting? Or do you lean more towards sleek lines and modern art? Or maybe you embrace mixed patterns, contrasting textures, and vintage items? Your décor style will typically guide which window treatments draw your attention. Explore a few of 2020’s popular window treatment décor trends to see if you recognize your own style.

Popular Window Décor Trends of 2020: Minimalism

Minimalist Designers often appreciate motorized shades.

Minimalist Designers often appreciate motorized shades.

People who veer towards minimalism in their interior design typically don’t have unnecessary items in their rooms. Minimalist designs are generally free of any clutter, creating a simple but sleek and sophisticated vibe. If you enjoy the minimalist interior design trend, you may want to consider window shades rather than blinds. You may particularly enjoy the finished look of motorized shades that removes the need for any hanging wand or cord controls, so the window treatment is even cleaner once the install is complete.

Popular Window Décor Trends of 2020: Bold Prints & Strong Colors

If you are drawn more towards bold prints, strong colors, and powerful interior décor combinations, you’ll be happy to hear that modern window treatments are easy to install and easy to change at any time. Easy installs and affordable prices mean updating your window treatments when you want to play with bold prints and strong colors is an excellent option. Adding a personality-filled window shade or blind is a great way to bring vivid colors, or pops of color into an otherwise neutral room.

Popular Window Décor Trends of 2020: Natural Elements and Textures

Incorporating natural textures and materials into your home décor can bring a little bit of the outside in and make a room feel more natural – even cozier. To create this effect with your window treatments, consider bamboo shades or blinds made of natural woods. Natural elements and textures are a fantastic addition to almost any design style, but they work particularly well with farmhouse décor, boho décor styles, and modern, spa-like décor.

Popular Window Décor Trends of 2020: Eco-Friendly

If you frequently choose the eco-friendly option when decorating, you may find yourself drawn to equally eco-friendly window treatment options. Many window blinds and shades are made from environmentally sustainable materials or recycled material. Other eco-friendly window treatment options offer energy savings. For example, cellular shades’ honeycomb design creates an insulating layer that can block out heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

What’s Your Window Décor Style?

No matter which décor style you claim as your own or which window design trends you embrace, your blinds and shades can add color, texture, style, and warmth to your space.

What’s your decorating style? If you need help pinpointing your own window décor style or you have specific questions about the different window blinds and shades available, get in touch with Blinds Chalet today.

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