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How Does Sun Exposure & the Type of Window Affect Window Blinds?

Are you updating a room in your home? Looking for a single shade for that difficult window? Hunting for the perfect window treatments to install throughout your new home purchase? Regardless of whether you are looking for one new window blind or 32 new plantation shutters, remember to consider the specifics of your room and your window before installing new blinds or shades. In a past article, we talked about how the purpose or function of a room can affect your window treatment choice, but what about the details of your room and your window?

Choosing Your Window Treatments: Where is the Sun in Relation to Your Room?

When considering which window treatments to purchase for your room, think about the room’s exposure to natural light. Where is the sun? How exposed is the room to sunlight, heat and cold? All of these factors can affect which window treatments will be the best performers for your space and your needs. If you’re not sure why it matters, you might consider an example. If you need window treatments for a south or west facing room, you may be dealing with a space that gets a lot of sunlight. Rooms like this that get a lot of natural light may benefit from cellular shades since they are designed to minimize and even reduce heat transfer through windows.

Choosing Your Window Treatments: What Type of Window Are You Dressing?

Choosing Your Window Treatments: What Type of Window Are you Treating

Motorized Shades are a good option for floor-to-ceiling windows.

When trying to find the right blind or shade, make sure you don’t ignore the type of window you are treating. For Single or Double-Hung Windows, you should consider shades since they’re simple to lift and this type of window is often open to take advantage of airflow through an open window. Bay windows often involve multiple windows, so motorized shades can be a great choice, since they’ll bring a cleaner finished look without any hanging controls (wands, cords, etc.) Most would agree that the best thing about floor-to-ceiling windows is the uninterrupted view. Yet people who live with floor-to-ceiling windows often want privacy and room-darkening options just as much as they want the view, which again leaves us highly recommending motorized shades that can be raised or lowered at the push of a button. Motorized shades are particularly beneficial for floor-to-ceiling windows since they can even be programmed to raise or lower at certain times of day to accommodate the movement of the sun.

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