Hundreds of Deals on Blinds and Shades: Beat the Rush of Online Shopping and Celebrate Happy 10.10 Day

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If you’re searching for great deals on blinds and shades in preparation for the holidays, take advantage of the first ever 10.10 Day – designed to be one of the largest “sale” days of the year! Shopping early means you can get a head start on holiday shopping, prep your home for the coming season, skip social distancing requirements in place for in-person shopping, get great deals on blinds and shades for your home or office, and avoid the stress of pandemic shipping delays, product shortages, and the even more problematic December shipping bottleneck.

It’s no surprise that many retailers are overwhelmed by escalating sales in preparation for the holiday season. This year, several major retailers came up with a solution: the recently announced Happy 10.10 Day! The pre-holiday rush sales event will be a chance for us to decrease supply chain disruptions during our busiest shopping season of the year and even more important, a chance for you to take advantage of “holiday” sales without waiting to shop in the midst of the holidays!

We’re Rolling Out Holiday Deals Earlier than Ever with the 1st Ever Happy 10.10 Day!

Happy 10.10 Day deals and steals are available early enough for you to purchase, ship, and install window blinds and shades* before your holiday visitors even arrive and before the holiday festivities begin!

Great Deals on Blinds and Shades for Happy 10.10 Day: Get 50% OFF + 10% OFF

Don’t miss the Happy 10.10 Day Kickoff at Blinds Chalet for great deals on blinds and shades for every room in the house! We’re making it easier than ever to save during the happiest time of the year. For more information about how to save money by upgrading your window coverings, how to measure your windows for shades or blinds, or to browse the different window shade and blinds options currently available visit

*Production times vary depending on your product choice. Production time estimates are listed on each product page. 

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