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Top 5 RV Window Shades: Combining Style and Function

The RV life is all about travel and freedom…and the freedom to travel where you want when you want to go. Some RVers reserve their recreational vehicles for annual family trips or periodic road trips. Others live in their RVs full time. Regardless of why you love the RV life or how you choose to enjoy it, there’s one thing we can all agree on – the RV life is about doing it your way. So it’s only appropriate that many RV enthusiasts enjoy making their RV their own with custom upgrades and decor like new window shades. Upgrading your RV blinds or shades is a simple way to make a drastic difference to the overall look and feel of the RV. In many cases, recreational vehicles can significantly benefit from upgraded window shades with better or more functional features. 

Top 5 RV Window Shades for Style and Function:

Blackout Vinyl RV Roller Shades 

Day Night Double RV Roller Shades 

Screen RV Roller Shades

Light Filtering RV Pleated Shades 

Day & Night RV Pleated Shades

Which RV Roller Shades or Pleated Shades are Best for Your RV? 

Choosing your RV shades should be based on the details of your family and your life. How will you use your RV? Will you be traveling to certain areas frequently? Are you searching for window shades that block light, or do you prefer shades that will offer light filtering options? Are you in need of additional privacy? Who will be using the shades, and why? Make sure to remember what your specific needs are when searching for the perfect RV shades. The window shade that works best for the next RV in the campground isn’t necessarily the perfect RV shade for you. 

Get the RV Shade You Need with the Look You Want: 

Before you make your final decision, always check out the various color options available in the window shade or window blind you’re considering. You may discover that one shade offers the perfect combination of function and style you hope to achieve. It may even be the deciding factor between two great options. With Blinds Chalet, you have a wide variety of options to choose from: roller shades, pleated shades, traditional mini blinds, and much more. However, function, while extremely important, isn’t the only factor to consider. You also want to consider what look you are hoping to achieve with your recreational vehicle decor. You can even order samples to see the color and texture of the shade inside your recreational vehicle. 

Why Are RV Shades So Essential? 

Almost every recreational vehicle owner will agree, RV shades are essential. They provide necessary privacy and insulate your windows. Installing quality window shades may dramatically reduce the heat loss/gain through your RV windows. Plus, the installation of high-quality RV shades protects your RV’s interior from harmful UV rays. 

If you need to upgrade your RV shades and you aren’t sure what type of window covering you need, contact one of our experienced design consultants by phone or through online chat. They are happy to discuss your RV windows with you and help you determine which features may suit your RV and your lifestyle best. To browse your RV window shade options or to discuss your RV shades with an experienced design consultant, visit 

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