I have very tall angled windows. Can I order solar shades for those? What is the delivery time?
We do not carry operable solar screen shades for angled top windows. Because solar shades are roller shades the roll at the top of the shades must be horizontal or the shades will not roll up evenly.

There are two options for solar shades with an angled top window. First is to use an outside mount roller shade. Secondly we can make a window shade with the fabric only. This would be a non-operable roller shade with no lift option. The fabric could be cut in any shape needed and the top of the shade would be mounted to a headrail.

We do carry other window coverings that have and angle top built into them such as cell shades or wood blinds. These products are more difficult to measure and install than our standard window blinds. For this reason we offer them as a special order only and you must call in to order them over the phone.
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