Could you please provide details about your motorized sun shades? Specifically, I'd like to know the manufacturer you use for the motor. Is it Somfy? Is the battery operated motor run by a lithium battery or is it the D-cell batteries? Also, I'm interested in a sun/wind sensor that automatically shuts the shade when it is sunny, and automatically raised the shade when it is windy.

Somfy MotorWe use many different manufacturers for our roller shades but most of them use Somfy motors for our motorized blinds and shades. Some however will use other brands of motors in their window blinds. We recommend that if you want a somfy motorized to shade to check with our design consultants before placing your order to ensure that you get the motor you want.

Motorization can also come with remotes that are infrared or use a radio frequency. Infrared remotes must be pointed directly at the motor to operate while a radio frequency remote does not need to be pointed directly at the remote.

Our standard Somfy motor is the LT30. Some larger shades will come with a larger Somfy motor. This motor is battery operated with 8 lithium AA batteries. Standard motorized blinds are operated using either a hand held remote control or a wall mount remote control.

Blinds Chalet can customize the motorization by adding hardwired motors, home automation. There are many options and choices for motorized shades that are not offered on our website. Simply give us a call and we can assist you with any special needs or customization.
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