How do I remove the existing roller shades that are mounted in my windows?
Removing roller shades or solar screen shades can vary based on the type of headrail. We will review each of them here.

Standard Roller Shades
Standard roller shades are those with simply a roller at the top of the shade with no valance, fascia or cassette headrail. There will be a bracket on each side of the shades with each side being different. One side will have a post the roller sits on and the other will have bracket with a lever that clamps down on the end of the roller.
  1. Locate side of the roller that has the bracket with the clamp.
  2. Swing open the clamp on the mounting bracket.
  3. Lift the roller shade out of the bracket.
  4. Pull the roller shade off the post mounting bracket on the opposite side.
  5. Remove the mounting brackets by unscrewing the screws holding them in place.

Cassette Headrail Roller Shades
A cassette headrail roller shade has a box valance that has the roller and the brackets all included in one unit. To remove the cassette headrail roller shades follow these easy steps:
  1. Remove the cassette headrail by pulling it out away from the wall or window. You may need to use a screwdriver on each mounting bracket. There is a lever on the bracket that clips on the top side of the cassette headrail. Insert the screwdriver at the top of the cassette headrail and gently lift the lever as you pull hthe headaril off the bracket. Repeat for each bracket.
  2. Remove the mounting hardware by removing the screws.
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