Motorized Sports Theme Blinds

* Production lead times are only an estimate and does not apply to any colors that are out of stock. Production begins the following business day after ordering. Please allow additional time for shipping.

Raise and lower your cell shades using a hand held remote control.  Our motorized window blinds are a great way to operate hard to reach cell shades or just for ease of use. If the honeycomb cell shades are motorized there will not be any lift cords hanging from the blinds.Order these remote control window blinds from Blinds Chalet today!

Below is a list of the blinds and shades that are available with the "Motorized" upgrade. You must select the upgrade when you add the item to your cart. Additional fees will apply for the upgrade.

 Optional Upgrades
Top Down Bottom Up Cell Shades
Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shades
Top Down Bottom Up/Duofold

With the top down bottom up or duofold upgrade, the cell shades may be both raised as traditional shades or lowered from the top down. This gives the shades a unique advantage, allowing light into the room and not completely blocking the view whil still offering partial privacy.

Things to Consider:
With top down bottom up the shades will have 2 lift cords. One to raise the shades and a second cord on the opposite of the shades to lower them. When the shades are lowered, there will be visible cords suspending the shades from the top of the window.

Cordless Cell Shades
Cordless Lift Cellular Shades
Cordless Lift

By removing the lift cords on the cell shade and a spring mechanism within the headrail, the honeycomb shades may be raised and lowered by use of the bottom rail. Cordless shades are designed with saftey in mind because cords on window coverings can be a danger.

Things to Consider:
Since there are no lift cords, reaching the shades on taller windows may be a challenge.

Comfortrack plus energy Cell Shades
ComforTrack Plus Energy System
ComforTrack Plus Energy System

Designed with insulation in mind, these unique cell shades offer an added layer of insulation. Between each side of the shades and the window frame is a track barrier sealing the edges of the shades. Save on your energy bills up to five times to that of a single pane window.

Rollease/Continuous Cord

The rollease or continuous cord loop lift is designed for raising and lowering larger window shades. The lift cord forms a "loop" as it circles back inside the headrail.