Bamboo Panel Track Blinds are Gentle on the Earth

May 10 2010

Move over vinyl vertical blinds, the new bamboo panel track blinds are here. This updated twist on vertical blinds brings class to any room. Bamboo is a sustainable resource, meaning that bamboo can replenish itself before it gets over-harvested. Bamboo is famous for its regenerating abilities. It grows like a weed and survives off rain instead of millions of gallons of water, like cotton. Bamboo window treatments are woven from various strains of the wood in different shades and textures. The woven pattern filters sun, creating a glow in the room when they are closed. Bamboo panels can be paired with blackout shades for complete privacy. Most companies that sell bamboo blinds also sell a matching valance, however some include the valance for free.

For a more stylized look, edge bindings can be added. Cloth is sewn onto the edges of the blind to protect the ends of the blind and add an accent point for the room. Edge bindings can be found in colors ranging from bright red, to browns and greens. Use the edge bindings to compliment or contrast with the blinds depending on your taste.

In keeping with new safety standards for window treatments, bamboo panel track blinds are available with a wand instead of cords. Children’s lives have been lost when they’ve become entangled in cords that hang down. Wands are easy to use and convenient. Even if children only visit occasionally, it’s a good idea to purchase wands for your blinds.

Bamboo panels are built roughly 22”-28”. The width allows for the other layers to fold in behind them. Sunny rooms benefit from the cover even when open. The weave filters the light, so there is no harsh glare. Plus, the beauty of bamboo adds a distinct look to any room.

There are a few properties about bamboo that inspires respect. First, it can grow at almost any altitude and climate. It grows at such a fast rate that trees are ready for mass production in less than five years. The biggest problem with bamboo is because it grows like a weed; you can wind up with bamboo everywhere. It’s a hearty plant that’s being utilized for all sorts of commercial items including organic clothing and as a replacement for hardwood floors and for cabinets and ceilings.

Hundreds of species make up the bamboo family, but only a few of them are harvested for building homes and window treatments. Max Hunter details the properties of bamboo in his article ‘The New Face of Bamboo.’ In it, he talks about how quickly bamboo grows, sprouting up forty feet. He also talks about the narrowing nature of bamboo, with the bottom of the tree having the sturdiest and widest amount of wood and the top slimming down.

Bamboo is stronger than many comparable substances. It’s this durability that has made it popular in Asian countries for years. The fad is only recently catching on in the US as consumers are looking for more eco-friendly products with which to furnish their homes. The color palette remains true to the natural colors of bamboo, in tans, reds and browns.

Short of using recycled wood, bamboo is one of the more earth friendly products on the market. It needs very little water to thrive and the root system helps keep the soil intact. Unlike traditional forests that can take decades to recover from harvesting, bamboo sprouts back up in a matter of years. Bamboo panel track blinds are a beautiful addition to any home.

Bamboo blinds work with every décor. Bringing wood into a home creates a warm feel that creates a connection between the indoors and the outside.
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