Blinds and Shades: 3 Common Mistakes

Mar 15 2010

Spring is just around the corner. We have already started our spring-cleaning and this year, it is going to include the blinds and shades. Normally, spring cleaning just means we take them down and wash them real good. However, this year it is time to replace.

Make the Most out of Your Blinds by Avoiding Common Mistakes
Since very few people have enough money to replace all the shades and blinds every year, you have to think long term. What is the best thing you can do long term for your house and which shades will look best.

Mistake #1 Choosing a Bad Color
While your spare bedroom looks great and you cannot imagine changing the color, think twice about buying matching blinds. In a few years, that all blue bedroom may not be blue anymore and you will be stuck with bad blinds.

It is better to go with a more neutral color for the blinds and add sheers as accents.

Mistake #2 Choosing the Wrong Type
Some people think blinds are blinds and the cheapest one will do. While you may get lucky and the cheapest one will work, this is no way to shop for blinds or shades. In fact, choosing the wrong one now may cost you more later.

It is better to determine what you need before shopping. Then chose a blind or shade that matches your needs.

Mistake #3 The Wrong Material
You may absolutely adore wood, but if you put real wood blinds in your bathroom, you will hate it. In a few years, the wood will start to warp and bend. You are better off getting faux wood blinds. Not only are they more affordable, they hold up better in humid rooms.

Always consider the material before you buy. It can save you money in the long run.
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