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Shades - Energy Efficient Cellular Shades

Dec 8 2009

It won't be long and this cold will go away and be replaced with high heat and even higher energy bills. Trying to keep the energy bills down when it reaches a 100+ outside is not always easy. However, with honeycomb cellular shades, your house just might become more energy efficient.

Hot Outside Air Means Hot Homes
When the outside reaches temperature of 100 degrees or more, it is hard to keep energy bills down. Have you ever felt the heat coming in through a window? It is just downright blazing. Yet honeycomb shades make this a thing of the past.

Energy efficient blinds mean energy efficient homes. This translates into lower electric bills especially in the lower United States. When air conditioners do not have to run as much, hundreds of dollars can be saved over the span of one summer.

Tax Credits Make Shades More Cost Effective
The Federal government wants to help out as well. They support the use of energy efficient blinds with the popular Federal Tax Credit. Of course, this is only available on eligible blinds. However, the honeycomb cell shades is one of those blinds because:

  • The sidetrack system provides 5x greater rating than a single pane window.

  • Durable polyester cellular fabric is environmentally friendly.

  • The dual cell shade provides better insulation than the single cell shades.

  • Both blackout shades and room darkening shades block out sunlight, which can lower temperatures dramatically in a room.

Find out more about ComforTrack Double Cell Shades and the benefits for your home.
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