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Nursery Window Blinds - Cordless Window Blinds

Dec 5 2009

Expecting a baby in your family? Turning a room into a baby's room? While many people think about cutesy animal prints for babies room, also think about a safe, functional living space especially when it comes to the window blinds.

Choosing Blinds for the Nursery:
The very most important part of any nursery is safety. This is true for window blinds as well. Did you know that cords can cause a choking hazard for children? Every year children are injured or killed by dangling cords from window treatments. It is easily preventable by installing cordless window treatments. Talk to a customer service representative before you buy to make sure you are getting the right cords for your nursery.

Fire Resistant Blinds
Many people are aware of flame retardant sheets and clothes for the baby but they do not think about it for the blinds. Look for...

And those are only a few that are fire resistant.

When it comes to nurseries, it is not enough to be cute. The nursery needs to be safe and sound for the baby to sleep in. Check your blinds today and make sure they are safe for your baby.
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