Miniblinds: Easier to Clean and Safer to Use

Feb 2 2010

When you hear miniblinds, do you think of those hideous looking plastic things from the 70’s? If so, then boy will you be surprised at how far miniblinds have come in the last 40 years.

Tapered Slat 2 1/2" Faux Wood
Just as an example, we can look at the tapered slat faux wood miniblinds. With 2 ½ inch slats, they are not so much mini but they are adorable. These faux wood blinds give your windows that cozy shuttered look. Not to mention the faux wood gives it a nice low price.

This particular blind is anti-static! Yes, you read that right. These blinds actually repel dust to keep them looking clean longer.

In addition, these blinds are faux wood. That means you can put these blinds anywhere in the house. You can have "shutters" in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or wherever your heart desires. They will not warp, crack, bend or peel. They will stay a nice shade of white for as long as you have them.

1" Cordless Mini Blinds
Look at the cordless mini blinds for a glimpse of progress. With no cords to get tangled, you can place cordless blinds in any room in the house including the nursery. In fact, the Window Covering Safety Council recommends only installing cordless blinds if you have young children.

These aluminum blinds are made from top of the line material and won't fade out. You can get it in Alabaster, Mocha, Silver, Silver Sage, or White.
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