Wood Blinds: Classic Beauty Whether Vertical or Horizontal

Feb 3 2010

All blinds come in two basic options, horizontal and vertical. Wood blinds are no different. Choosing between the two will greatly depend on your space, need and personal preference.

Overview of Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds are great for covering large spaces. You will see them covering sliding glass doors, bay windows, and in areas where the illusion of height is needed.

Wood blinds are lighter weight than faux wood; therefore, you will see real wood blinds more in larger areas. Faux wood blinds can become bulky and hard to manage.

Overview of Horizontal Blinds
Horizontal wood blinds can be used in any part of the house. The only exception is around wet areas. In high humidity areas like the bathroom and laundry room, you will want to use faux wood blinds instead.

You will find horizontal blinds on single windows, French doors, and other smaller areas. When you buy tapered horizontal blinds, you can achieve a shutter effect.

Matchstick Blinds
Technically, matchstick blinds fall under the category of horizontal blinds. The main difference is they roll up instead of stack. Matchstick blinds give a room a breezy South Pacific type of look.

Whichever blinds you decide on, you can rest assured they will match any décor. Wood blinds have that classic style that will last for ages.
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