Wood Blinds: How Wood Can Decorate Any Home

Jan 27 2010

Wood blinds are not only durable they have many functions. You can use them in almost any situation to create the perfect look.

Vertical Wood Blinds Add Height
Some rooms are just small. They are not necessarily cramped but they are not master suite size either. For these rooms, you can add vertical blinds. Even if the window does not reach all the way up or all the way down, you can get vertical blinds that do. This will have the eye flow up instead of chopping off the room at the waist.

Faux Wood Blinds Add a Rustic Look to Bathrooms
The bathroom is one of the hardest places to put blinds and window treatments. Whatever goes in there must guarantee privacy and hold up to hot showers and rapid humidity changes.

Real wood literally cracks under the pressure of the bathroom. Even fabric treatments, end up with water spots and moldy spots on them. Faux wood shines. It can stand up to the heat and humidity without warping or cracking.

Matchstick Blinds Give a Breezy Look
Nothing says oceanfront home more than matchstick blinds. Whether you live oceanfront or just want the South Pacific feel, you cannot go wrong with matchstick blinds. Order the shades a few inches longer and you can have the festive rolled look at all times.
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