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Window Shades: For Playhouses and Workshops Too

Jan 31 2010

Window shadesare not just for the home. They work great in workshops and playhouses as well. If fact, a good window treatment can make the area more comfortable and easier to work and play.

Choosing Window Shades for Playhouses
Most playhouses have windows, but if you can remember, the houses don’t speak much for insulation. In the summer, the playhouse is too hot and in the winter, it is too cold. A perfectly nice playhouse is wasted due to the temperature inside.

  • For playhouses in the south where it gets too hot, add a solar shade to block out the heat. The solar screen will keep the harsh sunlight out and still allow the light to filter in.
  • For playhouses in the north where winter is the problem, insulated liners work well to keep the warmth in.

Choosing a Window Treatment for a Workshop
Men may not like the idea of lacy drapes and pretty blinds in their workshop, but you can add some rustic wood blinds to make the temperature more tolerable. When closed, wood blinds work as a great insulator. Open the blinds up, and nothing lets the breeze in like natural wood.

If blinds are too much for him, go with a sheer solar shade. The solar screen will block out the harsh UV light while still giving an open feel. The see through screen doesn't add privacy but it does allow you to look out at the view.
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