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Mini Blinds: Quality vs. Cost

Feb 1 2010

When it comes to mini blinds, you do have options. Unfortunately, many people do not realize what those options are. There are too many to discuss in one tiny blog. However, we can start at the basic difference between custom blinds and premade blinds.

Pre-Made Mini Blinds
The basic appeal of premade mini blinds is the price. You go down to your local super center and walk down an aisle of blinds. You then select a mini blind that is similar to the dimensions you want.

These blinds are widely manufactured and are cheap. The reason they are so cheap is the material. Different composites are used to make a cheap and flimsy blind. They are good for about a year and then they start bending and breaking.

Custom Made Blinds
These blinds you order online or from a professional blinds store. They are more expensive but they often come with a guarantee. These blinds are made from better material and fit your window exactly.

In many cases, the manufacturers advertise the quality of material right on their site. Companies offering real wood mini blinds will tell you the exact wood they use to produce it. You can tell quality from the type of wood. For example, basswood is one of the finest woods available.

When it is time to purchase mini blinds, you need to consider how long you want the blinds to last. If you plan to change them every year, then the cheap blinds at the drugstore are fine. However, if you want quality blinds that last, then you will want to purchase custom blinds made from quality material.
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