Mini Blinds: Choose Vinyl Blinds for Waterfront Homes

Jan 26 2010

Vinyl mini blinds are the perfect choice for waterfront living. Whether you live in a lake house, own beachfront property or live in a boathouse, vinyl blinds are the way to go to add beauty to your home.

Vinyl is Water Resistant
The biggest obstacle to overcome when living on or near water is the water vapor. While you may never feel it or notice it, the water can damage many types of blinds over time. However, vinyl blinds can stand up to the constant water vapor.

Vinyl is Fade Resistant
The other obstacle waterfront homes encounter is the sun. Not only do the blinds need to resist the regular glare of sun, they need to resist the sun reflected off the water. This double barrage of sunlight can quickly cause other material to fade.

The One Drawback to Vinyl
Generally, vinyl blinds are not as insulating as other types of blinds. For many people, this is not an issue. They live in pleasant weather all year round. However, if you need some help, then a light color blind helps reflect the sun. Dark colors tend to keep the warmth in.

Cleaning Tips for Vinyl Blinds
Since these blinds are water resistant, it does not hurt to use some water to clean them. However, the best deep cleaning comes from sonic cleaning. Sonic cleaning uses sound to clean off dust and dirt. Use this method once a year to keep everything looking and working like new.
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