Miniblinds: How to Achieve a Real Wood Look at a Fraction of the Cost

Jan 23 2010

Wood miniblinds and wood shutters are becoming a more and more popular window treatment in America. However, the cost of real wood blinds leave some people standing out in the cold. This does not have to be the case. Faux wood miniblinds can give the same effect at a fraction of the cost.

Faux Wood Miniblinds Look Like Real Wood
Faux wood has come a long way in the last couple of decades. It no longer has an "imitation" look. Now it is hard to spot faux wood from real wood blinds. In most cases, people have to go up and touch the blinds to tell the difference. This is good news to anyone who wanted wood blinds and could not afford it.

Faux Wood is Cheaper than Real Wood
Since faux wood is made of vinyl, vinyl compounds and real wood, the cost is much less than their real wood counterpart. Now people who thought they could not afford the look of real wood can purchase faux wood blinds and achieve the same desired look.

In addition, the faux wood is resistant to fading and to water. This means they won't crack, warp or fade like real wood. When your blinds don’t crack, fade or warp, you can keep them longer, which in turn saves you even more money.

Privacy of Faux Wood Miniblinds
Another major benefit of faux wood miniblinds is the privacy factor. The sturdy and water resistant blinds give you more privacy over the long run. If you put up real wood blinds in the bathroom, over time they will begin to crack and warp. This leads to less privacy, while this is never a concern with faux wood.
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