Roman Shades: Woven Wood Appeals to Your Style and Budget

Jan 21 2010

Do you love the look of woven wood roman shades? Do you admire the fragile look? Are you concerned that they would not do well in your house? While real woven wood roman shades do have a tendency to warp and fade when exposed to direct sunlight and water, this is not true with their polyester counterpart.

Woven Wood Roman Shades
These woven wood shades look like authentic real wood woven roman shades, however they are made of a durable polyester blend. This gives you the south pacific look without the worry of warping. In addition, these are priced less than the real wood shades you find.

Cordless Option Available
If you have young children in the house, then this is an option you do not want to pass up. The Windows Covering Safety council highly recommends only installing cordless window treatments.

Given the recall and danger of corded roman shades, this is a must for anyone with young children. It is even more so, if you plan to install the shades in a nursery.

Top Down Bottom Up Option
This shade also has the coveted top down bottom up option, which is perfect for maintaining privacy. You can open them from the top or from the bottom. Anyone with long windows will like to let the sun in by opening the top and still maintain privacy by having the bottom closed.

The Woven Wood Roman Shade is both an affordable and stylish option for anyone wanting the look of wood roman shades.
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