Wood Blinds: Comparison of Real Wood and Faux Wood

Jan 21 2010

Many people love the look of real wood blinds. In the past, you did not have many options. However, now you have so many options it can be hard to choose. Deciding on which blinds you want can quickly become overwhelming. We want to make this decision easier by giving you a comparison guide.

Faux Wood and Real Wood Blinds
  • Weight - Real wood blinds are much lighter than faux wood blinds.
  • Look - Both faux wood and real wood blinds look the same. The differences in appearance are very small.
  • Color -
    • Real wood can be stained to match a specific color. In addition, it can later be painted.
    • Faux wood's color cannot be changed. However, it is not prone to fading or chipping. It will stay the same color for years to come.
  • Placement -
    • Faux wood blinds can go anywhere in the house.
    • Real wood blinds cannot be placed in high humidity areas like the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Real wood can warp and crack in these situations.
  • Ease of Use - Since real wood blinds are lighter, they are a better option for large areas. They are both easier to install and easier to open and close.
  • Price - Faux wood blinds are cheaper than real wood blinds.
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