Miniblinds: Cleaning Made Easy

Jan 17 2010

Anyone who has ever owned miniblinds knows that they can get real dirty. Dust builds up and some kind of weird films gets on the blinds. For most of us, this happens because we either do not know how to clean the blinds or don't take the time to do it. However, keeping your miniblinds clean will make them last longer and keep them looking and working like new.

Light Cleaning
All blinds including mini and micro blinds needs to be dusted on a regular basis. The easiest and best way to dust your blinds is with a static charged duster. You can find static dusters at Amazon for as little as $3. You don't have to go online as most stores will have one in the cleaning section. If you cannot find one there, then go to a store that has an "As Seen on TV" section and pick one up there.

  • When using the duster, try not to brush the dust into the cords to prevent them from staining.
  • If you see a stubborn spot on aluminum blinds, then use a damp cloth to wipe the spot off. Don't use too much water or you can streak your blinds.

Deep Cleaning
Periodically, you will want to deep clean your aluminum miniblinds and micro blinds. It is highly recommended that you find a "Sonic Cleaning" company to clean the blinds. This method uses sound to remove dust and dirt from the entire blinds.

Prices on sonic cleaning will vary by company. You can find these companies in the yellow pages or by looking up "sonic cleaning blinds" in an Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo.
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