How to Choose the Perfect Couch

Nov 13 2012

If there were a contest or poll about favorite places to hang out at home, the couch or sofa would probably win one of the top spots. It’s where “couch potatoes” are born after all. Whether it’s curling up with a good book or watching marathons of our favorite TV shows, the couch is where we spend most of our time during day offs or even after work. To maximize this experience, here is a helpful guide to choosing the perfect couch.

What Type Are You?

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Most people are unaware of this, but there are actually different types of couches. The most common would be the “loveseat” which is designed for two people. A sofa typically has 2-4 cushion seats. Another couch variant, the sectional, has multiple sections, two of which form a 90-degree angle (or slightly greater) when joined. For those unfamiliar with a “divan”, it resembles a backless long seat sofa that can double as a mattress for friends sleeping over. There are also sleeper sofas or sofa beds that guests can crash on during impromptu slumber parties.

For those with old-fashioned tastes and wanting a more romantic feel, they can opt for a fainting couch. You can choose from a partial-backed or backless variant. Another Victorian themed couch is the canapé, which is more commonly known as a settee. This elegant sofa is characterized by intricate or elaborate designs carved on the wood and has upholstered seats.

The Pet Factor

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Do you have a cat or dog? The pet factor can greatly influence your furniture choices. If you choose a wooden sofa set, your feline friend might be tempted to turn it into a new scratching post. If you have a new pup, make sure you housebreak him before you let him into the house. Puppies can wreak havoc not only with your couch but the whole household. You don’t want him peeing on your new couch or chewing on the pillows of your sofa. Make your pet understand that the couch is off limits.

Kid Friendly

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If you have a toddler or kids around the house, it’s better if your couch is baby-proofed. Avoid sofa sets that have sharp edges but if you do own this kind, make sure they have corner and edge guards. Kids can be messy so your couch should be stain resistant and survive vomit, pee stains and slobber. If not, you can always purchase a stain guard. Make sure your couch is easy to clean, too.

Price and Durability
If you plan to put your couch in your own room, you can choose almost any type you want. Budget, however, can put a damper on your choices. And if you figure in the pet and the kid factors, you have to think not only about comfort but also durability. It would be ideal to get a reasonably priced couch that will last through the wear and tear of family life. So expensive leather or designer couches, are definitely out of the running.

Before you purchase your “perfect” couch, go over the factors listed above to determine the best kind you need for your home.
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