Guide to Choosing Vertical Blinds for a Rental Property

Dec 21 2009

Thinking about vertical blinds for a rental property? While blinds are a nice window covering, you need to consider the renters as well. Not all renters are careful with blinds. Therefore, you will want to choose blinds that are sturdy and will last. You do not want blinds that are easily torn, broken or stained.

In an effort to help you decide on the appropriate blinds for a rental unit, we have come up with some basic guidelines.

Choose Durable Blinds
You may think that aluminum blinds are durable but they have a tendency to bend and crease. A tenant who consistently "peaks" out of the blinds will bend them. Instead of aluminum, choose a faux wood blind. Faux wood blinds are inexpensive and they are super simple to clean.

Choose Easy to Clean
  • When choosing vertical blinds, you will want to go with the smooth blinds as opposed to the textured blinds. The smooth blinds are easier to clean and are unlikely to stain.
  • Steer clear of blinds and shades made of fabric. While they are nice and pretty, they can stain. Unless you want to remove stains after each tenant, stick to the smooth blinds.
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