Guide to Choosing Kitchen Shades

Dec 20 2009

When redecorating the kitchen, you need to consider the types of window blinds and shades that will best fit the room. The kitchen is a high traffic area where the shades are libel to get wet and have the occasional food mess. Therefore, when selecting a window treatment, you need to choose one that can handle the harsh environment.

Easy to Clean and High Moisture Window Treatments
Anytime you have a high moisture area like the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, you need to select the window treatment based on this first. Generally, this means you will want to stay away from real wood (it can crack) and cloth (it absorbs moisture.)

This leaves you with faux wood blinds and aluminum blinds. Both of these choices are great because they are easy to clean as well. When food, water, detergent or whatever else gets splashed on these blinds, you can wipe it right off. Since they do not retain water, they are perfect for any place where they could possibly get wet.

For the kitchen, you can go with real wood as long as it is not near the stove or sink. Real wood blinds are ok as long as they are not exposed to steam or water. If you are unsure, then go with faux wood or aluminum.

Final Thoughts
While you can choose any shade you like for the kitchen, some are more durable for the high traffic area. Mainly, you want to ask yourself how wet is the area and how dirty will the shades get? Choose wisely and your kitchen window shades will last a long time without being high maintenance.
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