Top Ten Tools For Home Improvement

May 25 2012

Every home should have a set of tools available for use when the need arises. Having a good selection of tools at home means that you are prepared for any home improvements you wish to make. It is also useful to have a selection of tools in case of DIY problems, the odd broken cupboard or door handle can all be fixed with the great selection of simple tools listed below.

1. Hammer
The hammer is quite possibly the tool of all time, showing up in almost every single room of the house, in every project. Whether you are refitting a kitchen or affixing a photo to the wall, the hammer is definitely in our top 10 tools list for the number of times it needs to make an appearance during home improvements.

2. Drill
A drill is a necessary part of any home improvement project ranging from small home improvements such as fixing doorknobs, to much bigger projects like building kitchen cabinets and applying guttering to the exterior of the house. The power drill really is essential for every household.

3. Screwdriver
The screwdriver is another favourite as it helps make sure that screws are in place, and is also handy for prying open paint tins and pointing at things whilst looking like you are doing real home improvement work.

4. Tape measure
There is not a single surface in the home that is not measured before being touched, assessed, painted or changed. Not using a tape measure could result in your home improvements project going horribly wrong.

5. Paint brushes and rollers
The cornerstone of any tool shed, paint brushes and rollers will always play a role in home improvements and are great to have around for touch ups. Decent paint brushes will give a lifetime of good service to its owners, showing up again and again each time the home improvement fairy comes to visit.

6. Scraper
Flaking bits on walls, silicone around the bath, ugly looking dark stains or very stubborn dirt will all require the use of a scraper, which will make a showing in most home improvement scenarios.

7. Wrench
Pipes are potentially the most vulnerable and unreliable part of the home and often need superman strength to open and close in case of blockages. A wrench is always the first on the scene where there is pipe work and water involved which makes it a top 10 tool to have when you are improving the home.

8. Tile Cutter
Tiles crack, stain, fall off, chip and lose their lustre. An intelligent tiller will have brought a few extra for rough tile days, when all you need is a few extra bits of tile here or there to fix a kitchen or bathroom backsplash and add new tiles. The tile cutter usually makes its first appearance on your home improvement scene the first time you fit your bathroom or kitchen, but is regularly called upon over the years.

9. Chisel
It’s amazing how many times you will find yourself reaching for a chisel to whack off annoying bits of wood, wire or metal that suddenly starts poking out from your previously smooth surfaces. But be wary chisels are extremely sharp, always make sure you have both hands behind the blade and always cut away from your body.

10. Saw
A broken part of the cupboard, a piece of wood outside, a look bit of tree of shrubbery will always require the needs of a saw in the first instance. Easy to use, reliable and generally useful the saw is a top 10 tool for home improvement as far as we are concerned!

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