How To Create A Bigger Sense Of Space In Your Home

May 1 2012

If you are not able to knock out a few walls to give yourself a bigger space, you are going to have to get a little more creative. Even if you think that you have the most closed in space around, there are many things that you can do to give the feeling of a bigger space.

Some things that you can do to achieve a feeling of a bigger space include:
  • Allow natural light in
  • Use minimal wall hangings
  • Downsize furniture to fit the room
  • Keep clutter out
  • Use light colors

As you can see, there are many simple ways that you will be able to improve the look and feel of any room in your home.

Natural Light
You can make use of blinds or sheers in order to allow as much natural light in as you can. If you feel that the view outside is ugly or distracting, you might want to conceal that. However, you do not want to do that at the expense of the natural light. A good thing to do would be to hang some plants in the window, as the plants will become the central focus point. This way, you will still have some light shining in.

Wall Hangings
If you use too many wall hangings, the room will close in on you. Selecting one or two pieces for your walls and hang those in the best places possible. In addition, you do not have to have wall hangings on every wall.

Furniture To Fit
If you have just moved, you might find that your old furniture really does not fit the new space. This happens to many people and most just try to make the best of it. While there is nothing wrong with using your larger furniture, if you are trying to make the space seem larger, you need to downsize. You want furniture that fits the space you have.

Stop The Clutter
You are going to need to do a clean sweep of the room. If an item does not belong in there, take it to the room where it does belong. If you do not use something, get rid of it. Another thing you can do is to select furniture pieces that give you extra storage. For example, a coffee table with shelves or a cubby or two is ideal.

Light Colors
Cream colors and icy blues tend to be the best color combination for brightening and opening up a room. Another tip would be to select at least one piece of furniture, such as your couch, that will blend in with the wall. This will give the illusion of a larger space.

Now that you have a little more of an idea of what you can do to brighten and widen your space, it is time to get to work. The sooner you start getting things in order, the sooner you will finally be happy with the space you have. Any room can be transformed into an amazing show room. You just have to put a little effort and creativity into it.

About the Author
Sarah is a blogger and home improvements guru working for Cliq Studios, Cliq’ is a wholesale cabinets specialist who designs, manufacturers and sells the finest oak, cherry and maple kitchen cabinets. Cliqs' easy to use website can help visualise your new kitchen!

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diana miller

Aug 4 2012

I'm re-doing my house. It will take quite awhile. This blog was very helpful, because it reinforced some of my ideas.I have a ways to go-I think this is the place that I was looking for. I have more things to do and more blinds to order. There ar lots of helpful hints here.I'm so glad that I've found blind chalet.

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