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Interior Design: The Mistakes That Everybody Makes!

Mar 30 2012

No one would deny that interior design is a satisfying and fulfilling way of spending your time. However, it can also be a bit intimidating if it’s your first foray: after all, you’re spending a lot of money and won’t want any of it to be wasted. That’s why I’ve come up with this little piece on the five most common interior design mistakes that people make:

One of the biggest flaws that I see in modern interior design is the over-use of furniture and other accessories. We’ve all been there: whilst wondering through the local shopping centre, you suddenly come across an absolutely exquisite piece of furniture. It’s beautiful. It’s stylish. It’s classy. It doesn’t fit into your design at all. Cue hysterical sobbing and a fevered internal debate as to whether you should just buy it anyway. Take it from me: don’t. However, beautiful it may have seemed in the shop, it’ll just look ridiculous in your own home.

Another flaw in a lot of designs (and especially those in smaller rooms) is the lack of a use of mirrors. In smaller spaces, mirrors are a real secret weapon, enabling you to create the image of massively increased space. However, this isn’t only applicable to the less expansive rooms: if you’ve a large dining room that you love to entertain in, the right use of mirrors can really add to the atmosphere.

Picking your paint first is another classic misjudgment, and one that I have to confess I rather fell for myself. Having fallen in love with a shade of blue and covered my spare room in it, I then found myself in the unfortunate position of being completely unable to find any fabrics that would match it. Inevitably, I was then forced to repaint the room, tears streaming down my face in the process. Don’t make the same mistake: finding paint to match furniture is the easy way of doing things!

Finally, I implore anyone whose ever become involved with interior design to avoid the cardinal sin: rushing things! As everyone involved in the creative arts knows, no masterpiece is created over night. It’s important that no matter what you need to do to get things absolutely right, you take the time to do so.

Charlotte Daniels is an interior design fanatic and freelance writer currently working with

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