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Tips For Decorating Your Home On A Budget

Mar 29 2012

Decorating a home on a budget is one of the toughest tasks. We all want our homes to look great but for the majority of us we don't have unlimited budgets. This doesn't mean that you have to settle for junk and with these tips below you should be able to have a room that looks great without breaking the bank.

Use What You Have – the first and most efficient tip is to use what you already have. Many items that you have can be changed to fit the decor of the room with a coat or paint or some creative thinking. So instead of going out and buying new lamps you can simply paint them and add a new lampshade. You shave off the most expensive part while still giving it a new look.

Fresh Coat Of Paint – changing the paint in a room is an inexpensive way to make the room look entirely different. Depending on what look or style you're trying to go for you can make the room look larger, make it blend in with new decorations, or help make a certain piece of furniture stand out. A simple, easy, and cheap way to make a room look fresh. You can find quality paint brands at just about any local home improvement store where the staff can usually help you find the right type paint and perfect color.

Use The Thrift Store – even though many people try to avoid these places for other items you can use the thrift store to get great furniture at great prices. When decorating your home on a budget the thrift store can be your greatest asset. Simply find quality furniture and decorations, fix it up, and save.

Skip The Expensive Art – if you're decorating on a budget the last thing you want to do is purchase expensive art. You can still have art in your home by shopping at places like Target and for your pieces. They look nearly the same but cost thousands less. Many times the art already comes in your choice of multiple frames to be able to fit the decor without having to spend more money getting it framed and finding the right color frame. Call Up Friends and Family – most families or groups of friends will have at least one or two people who can decorate a home and do some of the handy work. So never call in the professionals when you're on a budget. Instead just get the help of friends for a few hours doing everything from quick fixes of woodwork to helping reupholster chairs.

Only Do What's Needed – when we're decorating our homes we tend to go overboard thinking that we need to do everything single open space in the house. The truth is most of your decorations will go unnoticed. So therefore only redecorate the high traffic rooms of your house where you and guests spend the most time. When you're on a budget the last thing you want to do is spread a small budget across many rooms when it could be focused on one.

Shop Online – most people know by now that if you shop for home decor items online you're not only going to have a much larger selection but you will probably get a better deal. Even if you have certain items in mind that you've seen at your local store you should look them up online first. For the most part avoid the major brick-and-mortar stores as their markups are outrageous. Also take advantage of any promo codes and coupons available for the stores online. If you buy over a certain dollar amount most online stores in the home decor realm will also ship for free which is a big saver, especially for heavy items like furniture.

Jamie Wilson is a deal finder and writer for the popular deals site where you can find everything from a Wayfair coupon code to discounts for Target, Expedia, Walmart, and more.

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