Blinds Chalet Lit Up Our Lives

Jun 20 2011

Dear Blinds Chalet,

I wanted to write you this letter and let you know how much I appreciate you fixing a dilemma we were in at the retirement community I manage in south Mesa, Arizona.

We have fourteen rooms in this community, all of which are situated around the outside of our large dayroom, which we call our “comfort and conversation station.” This is where our residents spend the majority of their day. There are various activities for them in the dayroom, including board games, musical guests, volunteer shows and, on Friday nights, we even have what we call “old time karaoke.”

A room the size of our conversation station requires a lot of light, so that the residents can see better while they are playing their board games and whatnot. When they built the care center, they put multiple skylights in the ceilings, as well as high, small windows all around the room to provide additional light. I think they thought that they would conserve on energy bills by not having to have so many lights on.

The temperatures here in the desert soar sky high during the summer months, and the more light we let in, the hotter it gets. This, by the way, negates the savings of the light bill, because we have had the problem of the heat, trying to compensate for all these windows. I didn’t know what to do. The light coming in from these skylights seemed like it was magnified when it came into the room, and we felt like a bunch of ants being roasted under this intense sunlight.

One of the residents’ grandson’s was visiting our facility a couple of weeks ago, and noticed the intense heat that radiated from the windows. He told me that he worked very closely with your company, and suggested that perhaps I call to have someone come out to see what they could do. I did just that, and do you know he was out that very day? He told me that he recommended the honeycomb style of blind, because of its insulation qualities. He said that they would still permit light in, but would block the dangerous UV rays. He told us we could have them mounted horizontally, to cover even the windows on the ceiling, and that they could even motorize them so that they could be controlled by remote. I was very concerned about the budget, but it was not near as much as I had feared. We had your people install them, and we think it is the smartest thing we have done in the last ten years!

Thank You Blinds Chalet!

Barbara Stallhut
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