What are your best insulated shades? I am looking for a window shade that insulates my windows and saves me on my utility bills.
We have many different insulating blinds and shades and any window blind added to a window will provide some insulation in varied degrees.

Our top insulated shades are honeycomb shades. honeycomb or cell shades are designed with insulating fabric which traps air inside, creating a barrier for your windows. Looking from the side, the cell shade fabric has a honeycomb pattern.

Not all honeycomb shades insulate equally. There are several factors that determine their insulating value such as the number of cells, how much light the shades block, etc.

Our best insulating shades are the ComforTrack shades. ComforTrack window shades are made with honeycomb shade fabric with added sidetracks. The side tracks insulate better by blocking the air that can escape between the sides of the cell shade and the window frame. This means a better insulating shade and lower energy bills. Order your insulating shades and start saving money today!
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