Bamboo Blinds

Apr 20 2011

Tavarua bamboo blinds may also be referred to as matchstick blinds or woven wood shades. To create an exotic look, these blinds are woven into a light filtering window covering that is full of character. Each Tavarua woven wood shade comes with color coordinated cords and tassels as well as a matching 6-inch valance. Edge bindings are available for the entire Tavarua line of bamboo blinds to help protect the delicate edges from cracking or breaking.

Woven wood blinds or Bamboo blinds block glare and UV rays while allowing soft breezes to filter through a home. Due to the woven nature of the material, there is a see-through effect, which partially maintains views. At night, or during cooler months, many homeowners enjoy the use of Privacy/Blackout liners for added insulation as well as privacy from street facing rooms.

The Tavarua bamboo blinds available with privacy/blackout liners, edge bindings and top-down bottom-up upgrades include:

•    Tavarua Woven Wood Shades – Made from a wide selection of exotic bamboo patterns and styles. Available in an array of colors to match Cherry, Walnut, Driftwood, Oak, Ebony and other wood accents in the room. Other colors include Tahiti Sea Foam, Tropical Wood Golden, Sunflower Gold and more.
•    Exotic Woven Wood Shades – Come with many of the upgrades expected on higher priced designer shades include free edge bindings, bronze-tone fittings and a roman fold style lift. Available in a variety of textures and colors including Harmony Spice, River Cane Sage, Samoa Cinnamon and more.
•    Tavarua Designer Woven Wood Shades. The Designer series of Bamboo Blinds are made from Environmentally friendly wild grown bamboo. This series comes in bamboo, grass and straw patterns.

Coming into the spring months there is usually a spike in interest in bamboo blinds. For a limited time, these window treatments come with free privacy/blackout liners with the purchase of four or more bamboo blinds By offering a free privacy/blackout liner there is an additional incentive to help people enjoy these window treatments to their utmost potential. Bamboo blinds are a sustainable resource that brings a unique elegance to a room.

Bamboo blinds do best in warmer climates or rooms with year-round sun. Their light filtering qualities help reduce the need for air conditioning and fans therefore reducing energy costs. Because of their delicate elegance, they are best suited for rooms that do not see a lot of child or pet traffic.

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